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AGE SMART Décolletage & Neck Age - Defying Collagen and Beta-Carotene Serum



An age defying, rejuvenating serum to help restore softness, firmness, and a youthful look to the fragile neck area. A unique feel of luxury and comfort, providing an unsurpassed sensory experience. The neck and décolletage are one of the first places aging shows up, this luxurious, rich, comforting serum is specifically designed to treat and nourish this less-resilient skin. Precious collagen, combined with skin-strengthening ingredients help attract and maintain moisture for firmer, younger-looking skin.

daily onto cleansed skin in soft circular motions.

Really needed it.
  • REVIEWED BY Peninah , 05/12/2019
I love the smell of this product. It is friendly and gives me an amazing feeling. I have used it for three weeks now and I have started to notice some good changes. The wrinkles on my neck have started to fade away. I can?t stop admiring this progress on the mirror.
A friendly product
  • REVIEWED BY Nancy , 05/11/2019
It has been two months of using this product and I have noted very promising results on my neck. It has a nice texture and I love the feeling it gives my face. Two of my friends have also started using this product and they are praising it. We love it!
It is an amazing product
  • REVIEWED BY Loise , 03/25/2019
Since I was a teenager, I have been so keen with my skin beauty maintenance but I have always neglected my neck area. I never saw the importance of a neck serum until I saw my colleague using it. I tried it and I realized how much I needed it. It is just as important as the facial serum.
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