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Aromatic Cleansing Facial Gel



This very gentle elite cleansing gel balances the skin and removes dirt, make-up and harmful pollutants so your skin can breathe freely and be clean and pure.

Spread on wet face, massage gently and rinse off with warm water.

I love, love it!
  • REVIEWED BY Keira , 05/24/2019
I have always wanted to take care of my skin since I was young. The aromatic Cleansing facial gel has helped me maintain healthy, youthful skin. It eradicates dirt, makeups, and impurities. It also blends well with my skin type. If you have had it rough trying to maintain good skin, then it?s time to invest in this cleanser. Thank me later!
Removes waterproof makeups effortlessly
  • REVIEWED BY Cassidy , 04/05/2019
I cannot go to bed before cleaning my face with Aromatic Cleansing Facial Gel. I had a difficult time removing waterproof makeups off my face. This cleanser, however, does the job correctly. I spread it on my face, massage and rinse off with warm water just like the advert instructs. My skin is ever clean, beautiful. Great experience!
It gives me satisfactory results
  • REVIEWED BY Aspen , 03/17/2019
My delicate skin easily damages when exposed to too much dirt and pollutants. Ever since I was 20, I owned a cleanser. Two months ago, I could not find my regular cleanser in a cosmetic shop. I bought Aromatic cleansing facial gel as an alternative. Waoh! It worked better and gave the best results. Within a month, my skin looked better. I will continue buying it.
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