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Brightening Gift Set



Concentrated facial serum With vitamins E & C A silky, newly developed intensive skincare, which provides an invisible veil of support for the skin by implementing a revolutionary triple lifting mechanism. A soothing massage with this serum provides a noticeable lift. Additionally it is an anti oxidant that counteracts free radicals and the external evidences of skin aging. MOISTURE COMPLEX- normal to oily skin This hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested moisturizer was awarded the HBA award (Health & Beauty America) in 2005. This precise combination of Dead Sea minerals and active ingredients is blended for maximum efficacy. An advanced lightweight complex which helps to counteract the external evidences of skin aging. It is quickly and thoroughly absorbed into the skin leaving no shiny traces of residue, making it a perfect base for make-up. Professional Peeling Mask- Unique in every way – A new generation of skin peeling treatment. This mask contains coordinated ingredients specially meant for regeneration and activation for women over 30 years of age. After treatment the skin appears smooth, clean and flexible. This peeling mask is a vital source of energy, oxygen and Dead Sea minerals – a complex of effective factors, which target particularly dehydrated areas and fine lines to help prevent the appearance of aging signs. The product contains the mask in the jar and a stimulating gel in the cap. Eye serum - Eye contour age defying fluid A hypo allergenic, secret composition of soothing active ingredients specifically adapted to the needs of the eye area's sensitive skin. Based on triple firming actions for rejuvenation, miniaturization, and wrinkle prevention. This unique serum contains active ingredients combined with Dead sea minerals to give the eye area a smooth, luxurious homogeneous look and feel.


Concentrated facial serum With vitamins E & C massage onto cleansed skin with up ward strokes. MOISTURE COMPLEX- normal to oily skin onto wet face, massage the blue oily mineral bar as though it was a bar of soap. Then wash your face with water and pat dry. Now massage the cream in circular soft movements onto your skin. You may now apply make up if desired. Professional Peeling Mask- up to twice a week, after thorough cleansing massage gently a thin layer of mask. Wait for ten minutes and gently buff off with fingertips. Rinse face and apply facial gel from top of the lid. Eye serum - Eye contour age defying fluid Apply daily in the morning and evening around the eyes using soft, circular movements. Eye cream may be applied on top.


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