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Concentrated Facial Serum With Vitamins E&C



This facial serum provides an invisible silky veil of support for the skin by employing a revoutionary triple lifting mechanism. It lifts the skin and keeps it taut, it tightens skin immediatly upon application and it lavishes the skin with vital nourisment.

massage onto cleansed skin with up ward strokes.

Worked Perfectly
  • REVIEWED BY Abigael , 05/23/2019
Anyone looking for a younger look on their neck should try this product. I tried it and I was surprised by the way it worked. My experience with this product has been so good and I cannot regret buying it. It is worth every penny I spend on it.
I love it
  • REVIEWED BY Priscilla , 05/18/2019
I just finished my first pack of this product and I couldn?t wait to purchase another one. It has worked better than any other facial product I have ever used. Its results are already noticeable and I get very many compliments from my friends. I love this cream.
Works with sensitive skin
  • REVIEWED BY Hattie Walters , 03/29/2019
Like every lady with sensitive skin, I was a bit skeptical when purchasing concentrated facial serum with vitamins E&C. its reviews were great, so I was confident that it would work well with my skin. Honestly, this product does exactly what the advert and reviews claim it does. I have only used it for two months, and my skin defects like wrinkles and enlarged pores are disappearing day by day.
Nice Packaging
  • REVIEWED BY Anna Melina , 03/26/2019
Their customer service was excellent and their shipping was super fast. The product was well packaged and the product is exactly as it is shown on the website. I also noticed that the bottle size is larger than other’s I’ve used. Overall, I was very happy with this purchase. Thank You!
It works
  • REVIEWED BY Nancy W. , 03/25/2019
At 62, I need all the help I can get when it comes to keeping my skin looking smooth. My daughter brought me the Concentrated Facial Serum and I have been using it every day. My skin looks well hydrated and it has lessened fine lines on my face and neck. I have faith in this brand and I want to try their anti-aging serum for even better results.
Smoothens and softens skin
  • REVIEWED BY Johnnie , 03/18/2019
I turned 30 last week, and I have been trying to combat redness and acne since my early 20’s. So last year I decided to exercise more, avoid dairy products and consume more vegetables. Unfortunately, my skin did not improve; I could see some aging signs and the acne and redness did not disappear. Luckily someone advised me to try this serum. I have never had a clearer softer and smoother skin; it worked!
Good for my dark skin
  • REVIEWED BY Alexis C. , 03/16/2019
This serum is an ideal option for any dark-skinned woman who’s wary of chemical formulated brighteners. I have used it for six months now and my skin is one shade brighter. It doesn’t leave any dark patches, probably because I usually apply it evenly across my face down to my neck. I highly recommend it to those with dark skin.
It’s gentle on my skin
  • REVIEWED BY Sarah M. , 03/08/2019
This serum has really worked for me. It has lessened the appearance of dark spots on my nose and chin. I also love the fact that it does not burn my skin. I would recommend the Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins to my family and friends.
It is perfect
  • REVIEWED BY Emma , 03/06/2019
I can?t thank my BFF enough for introducing me to this serum. It has an amazing feeling that I can?t get enough of. It has completely transformed my face to a fresher and younger look. I am going to remain loyal to it. It works just perfectly.
Part of my daily routine
  • REVIEWED BY Katrina Mckenzie , 03/05/2019
Initially, my pores looked immense and my makeup caked on my dry skin. I have been using this serum for just a couple of days, and the change is starting to appear. The concentrated facial serum has helped rehydrate my skin, with no aggravation or redness. It has turned to a daily practice. I love this brand and will try more of their products to complete the routine.
Huge improvement
  • REVIEWED BY Elizabeth F. , 02/26/2019
I have dry skin that requires to be moisturized frequently throughout the day. I started using the concentrated facial serum with vitamins a few weeks ago and I have noticed a huge difference. I no longer need to use a moisturizer many times during the day. My skin stays well hydrated for longer, and I don’t even have to use much of the serum. This product is simply amazing.
Best for me so far
  • REVIEWED BY Jessica Z. , 02/19/2019
I used another brand before and I loved it, except for one thing – it irritated my skin. A friend told me that she has seen many positive reviews about Premier Dead Sea Products and she recommended that I try one of their serums. I chose the Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins E&C as I saw that it nourishes the skin with vital vitamins. This serum is simply the best product I have ever used on my skin. It gives my skin a certain glow that I really love. Great product!
Regards to Premier Dead Sea
  • REVIEWED BY Patricia K. , 02/05/2019
Ever since I started using products from Premier Dead Sea, I have seen a huge difference on the appearance of my skin. From their beauty creams to their serums and masks, all their products give great results. I’m currently using the Concentration Facial Serum and I love how light it feels on my face. Premier Dead Sea is the best brand for me.
I’m pleased with this product
  • REVIEWED BY Zoe Anna , 02/03/2019
I have been very happy with this facial serum. I usually use it under my cream before applying makeup. It makes my skin smoother and tighter. Thanks.
Corrects acne and inflammation
  • REVIEWED BY Rosemary N. , 02/02/2019
I have never composed a review for anything; however, this serum is unique and deserves all praises. If you are looking for a quality vitamins E&C serum, this package is extraordinary. I rub it directly after I cleanse my skin and later put a moisturizer on after it dries. Within the short period, I have used it, skin inflammation and acne have started to disappear.
Excellent choice
  • REVIEWED BY Gabriella A. , 01/30/2019
I have been looking for a serum that contains Vitamin C, so having one that has vitamin E too is a good bonus. This concentrated facial serum has worked quite well, just like I expected. It is an excellent choice for me.
Gives results within a short period
  • REVIEWED BY Amelia , 01/27/2019
I began utilizing concentrated facial serum with vitamins E&C two weeks back. I can confidently admit that my mind is not pulling pranks on me! Within the first one week I could see a difference in brightness and skin texture, and the following one week my skin felt gentler, more splendid, smoother and clear. My skin cherishes it. I am 100% sure that I will purchase the package once more.
Maintains healthy skin
  • REVIEWED BY Helen Paul , 01/27/2019
I love this product, vitamin E and C is an excellent combination for healthy skin. It helps eliminate acne and evens my skin tone. My sister gave it to me on my birthday two months ago. Although I barely use skin care products, I have a feeling that I will continue applying this serum for more days to come.
Proactive customer care
  • REVIEWED BY Jenny D. , 01/25/2019
This product is among the best that I have ever used. One thing that really stood out for me from the whole experience is Premier Dead Sea’s proactive customer care. Theirs is the best I have ever heard/seen. Keep up the good work!
Great product
  • REVIEWED BY Julia Olivia , 01/14/2019
This product is beautifully designed and well packaged. I like how this product moisturizes my skin. I have been using it for a month now and I can recommend it.
I love it
  • REVIEWED BY Missy Helena , 01/09/2019
This product is good. I have tried it and it has shown good results. Thank you very much for a nice product.
Best Vitamin C Serum
  • REVIEWED BY Alison L. , 01/09/2019
First time trying a serum with Vitamin E & C and it turns out to be exactly what my face needed. I normally apply it after washing and patting dry my face. I have used it for the past 3 months and I the difference in my skin tone is noticeable.
What I’ve been looking for
  • REVIEWED BY Mitchell Zipporah , 01/02/2019
The Concentrated Facial Serum checks all the boxes of what I’ve always looked for in a facial skin care product. Overall, it’s excellent quality.
Tightens skin fast
  • REVIEWED BY Naomi Y. , 12/27/2018
Has anyone else experienced tightening of skin within just 5 minutes after applying? I find this to be pretty fast. The product I previously used didn’t give that instant effect. Not that I’m complaining though.
Must buy
  • REVIEWED BY Portia J. , 12/25/2018
Nothing I’ve used before has made such a huge difference in my skin tone. Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamin E and C has lightened up the dark patches left by acne. I’m contented with the results.
Corrects acne
  • REVIEWED BY Ollie A. , 12/24/2018
This serum corrected years of acne on my skin within a short period. And yes, I had my doubts initially, but to my surprise, it worked wonders. I use it every evening before I go to bed. Ladies, you should try this package; its abilities are unique. Just do not forget to cleanse your skin before you rub it over in circles. Such a unique product!
A bottle lasts long
  • REVIEWED BY Katherine Q. , 12/21/2018
It’s amazing how little of this serum I have to use. I have used one bottle for a bit longer than I ever had with any other product. The Concentrated Facial Serum by Premier Dead Sea has really given me good value for my money.
Works just fine
  • REVIEWED BY Sofia G. , 12/18/2018
I had asked my husband to order the Eye Serum but ordered the Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins E and C instead. I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad for the mix up. I’m getting more than I expected. Will continue using this serum.
A bottle lasts long
  • REVIEWED BY Katherine Q. , 12/16/2018
It’s amazing how little of this serum I have to use. I have used one bottle for a bit longer than I ever had with any other product. The Concentrated Facial Serum by Premier Dead Sea has really given me good value for my money.
4 stars
  • REVIEWED BY Mary T. , 12/15/2018
This is an amazing product. It seems to work as advertised. My skin is tighter and a bit lighter. Could have given this product 5 stars were it not so expensive. But that’s just my opinion.
Good for dry skin
  • REVIEWED BY Mae , 12/15/2018
Sincerely speaking, concentrated facial serum with vitamins E&C worked perfectly for me, and I will continue utilizing it day by day. I have witnessed significant changes in my skin. What more would a lady want than to get rid of those annoying wrinkles between the eye temples? Even in my dry skin, I still manage to glow all hours of the day. This serum is my best so far.
Worth Every Penny!
  • REVIEWED BY Sandra M. , 12/09/2018
Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamin E&C has turned out to be a valuable addition to my beauty collection. I have been applying it daily after I clean my skin. The serum is very gentle on my skin. I haven’t had any problem when using it, so I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a gentle serum for their skin.
  • REVIEWED BY Karina W. , 12/07/2018
Is great product that working for my skin. friends notice too. Gracias.
Prevents skin breakouts
  • REVIEWED BY Maxine N. , 12/07/2018
Since my late teenage years, I have been extra careful with my skin. I am now 25. I believe it is wise to have a skincare routine while still young. Anyway, this serum is now part of my routine for many obvious reasons. Its abilities to prevent skin breakouts are amazing. Its application is also easy and absorbs into skin fast. I believe this package would suit women of different age.
Eliminates skin defects
  • REVIEWED BY Shawna Rodriguez , 12/03/2018
I will be 60 in a few days. I have amplified pores, little to medium wrinkles and fine lines that begun to show up with age. Since I began using this product, I have noticed a dramatic change all over my face. All of my skin defects are becoming less visible, and I believe they will disappear entirely very soon. I highly recommend this serum.
Not sure
  • REVIEWED BY Linda , 10/29/2018
I have tried some sample, but not sure it was this product. The sample I had was good. It was not sticky, it feels lifting, and it lasts for long time.
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