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Creamy Highlighter



This creamy, lightweight highlighter enhances the complexion for natural radiance. Glides on skin to deliver an instant glow that lasts all day.

Gently tap onto tops of cheeks, nose and where desired.

No adverse side effects
  • REVIEWED BY Higgins Wanda , 04/13/2019
I wanted to try a different makeup brand, and that is how I ended up using a creamy highlighter - glistening pearl. My friend encouraged me to use it. It gives an instant glow on my sensitive skin: no itching, no rushes, no adverse side effects. I cannot wait to order another package with a different color.
Very efficient
  • REVIEWED BY Turner Shirley , 04/11/2019
The fact that I do not have to keep on applying more of this highlighter every hour makes me love it even more. Just one proper application in the morning and I will look amazing all day. I will gift my sister a package very soon.
Great colors
  • REVIEWED BY Judith Fisher , 04/04/2019
I have used all three colors, they are great. I would go with creamy highlighter - glistening pearl any day. It does not itch and does not feel heavy. Also, it blends well with my dry skin. I have been applying it on my skin every morning for two months now. No regrets, no complaints.
Perfect color shades
  • REVIEWED BY Lois , 04/03/2019
Creamy highlighter – glistening pearl works wonders on my skin. All three shades are exceptional. I use this highlighter every morning before I go to work. I have used it for many months with no complaint. I highly recommend this package.
Second to none
  • REVIEWED BY Yvonne , 03/31/2019
Creamy highlighter - glistening pear is second to none. Applying loads of make-up on my skin is not my thing, but I cannot walk out of my house without a touch of this highlighter. It does not fade away before the end of the day.
Perfect for my cheeks
  • REVIEWED BY Norma , 03/26/2019
I received this highlighter last December from my daughter. How I love the look, it gives me immediately after application. Mostly I use it on my cheeks. It is quite easy to apply, and it stays on face longer than you may expect.
Simple but efficient
  • REVIEWED BY Ora Davis , 03/12/2019
I do apply some makeup here and there, but I cannot say I am an expert at it. I love something simple, easy to apply just like this fantastic creamy highlighter. It simplifies the whole make up work; I glide it on my cheeks every morning, and I get to glow all day long.
Never disappoints
  • REVIEWED BY Audrey E. , 03/12/2019
No doubt, this is my best highlighter. It comes in three vibrant colors I love. Cream highlighter- glistening pearl effortlessly gives that wow factor every lady wants. My skin breaks easily but I have not had any problems with this product. It never disappoints.
Works with sensitive skin
  • REVIEWED BY Jane R. , 03/07/2019
With my sensitive skin, am a bit skeptical when trying any makeup. My sister insisted I try this highlighter and thanks to her it did not break my skin. It enhances my natural look and gives me a glow that is hard to find when using other products.
Boosts confidence
  • REVIEWED BY Betty A. , 03/03/2019
This highlighter is just what I needed to maintain glowing skin even on a dull day. It is smooth and glides well on skin. It enhances my skin complexion creating a beautiful look. I feel more confident when wearing this creamy highlighter than when without.
Works with all skin types
  • REVIEWED BY Susie , 03/02/2019
Great choice of colors! High-Quality product and perfect for all skin types. This package is everything all ladies need. It works better than any highlighter I have used before. It blends easily with skin or any other makeup I use. I can easily manipulate it to look lighter or brighter on the skin.
Best highlighter package
  • REVIEWED BY Alexandra Castro , 02/28/2019
I loved it! It blends well with my other makeups and enhances my overall facial look. Its application is so easy and time-saving. I only use it on my cheeks, though soon I will try it on other areas. This package is a must-have for every lady out there.
It is a savior
  • REVIEWED BY Guadalupe Brewer , 02/28/2019
Whether I am walking under the sun or am stuck in my office for hours, my skin still glows thanks to creamy highlighter - glistening pearl. This stuff is my savior; though my skin is allergic to many makeup brands, it worked with this highlighter. I tag it along everywhere I go. I highly recommend this product to every woman.
Good for oily skin
  • REVIEWED BY Eileen T. , 02/05/2019
Although I have oily skin, it still looks good all day long. This creamy highlighter compliments all other stuff I apply on my face. I love premier Dead Sea products; I guess that is the reason I chose to try out this product. So far so good!
All weather highlighter
  • REVIEWED BY Alice G. , 01/20/2019
The final thing I apply on my cheeks and nose before I walk down the runway is this creamy highlighter. I have been a fun of it for many months now. No matter the weather or environment, my skin glows for hours. What more would anyone want?
Best in the market
  • REVIEWED BY Jessie F. , 01/03/2019
I have been a loyal customer of this product for long. I can confidently say that it is the best creamy highlighter in the market so far. It blends easily and works well with my oily skin. Every morning it gives me a new beautiful look that lasts all day. Its price is also reasonable and matches the high-quality service it offers.
Stays on skin for hours
  • REVIEWED BY Charlotte , 12/27/2018
This highlighter adds a spotlight on my cheeks and nose. It does not irritate my skin like other brands I have used in the past. Also, it does not come off the skin until I take it off. Most of my friends use it too, and they love it. Every lady out there should own a package of this creamy highlighter.
Blends easily
  • REVIEWED BY Valdez Nina , 12/15/2018
I bought this package for my sister who is very keen on her looks. She has tried other brands, but they were not satisfactory. To my surprise, creamy highlighter - glistening pearl blended perfectly with her skin. She is happy, and her skin glows all day long.
Instant Glow
  • REVIEWED BY Gertrude J. , 12/13/2018
I love the way this highlighter gives my skin an instant glow. For the few months I have used it, not a day did it disappoint me. I apply it on my nose and checks to avoid that unpleasant shiny look. The creamy highlighter is easy to apply. Unlike other brands I have used, this product is lightweight; it does not make my skin feel “heavy.”
Best gift
  • REVIEWED BY Claire , 12/13/2018
I would not mind applying this creamy highlighter for more days, months or years. It creates an appealing facial look that boosts my confidence. This is the best gift I received from my daughter this year. Although I have not used it for many months, I am confident it will never disappoint me.
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