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Day Cream Complex



This multi-protective, hypoallergenic day cream, preserves the skin's natural moisture level. This dermatology tested cream is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. Contains UVA, UVB, Sun protection, SPF 17.

every morning, onto wet face, massage the blue oily mineral bar as though it was a bar of soap. Then wash your face with water and pat dry. Now massage the cream in circular soft movements onto your skin. You may now apply make up if desired.

A reliable and useful product
  • REVIEWED BY Ada , 05/11/2019
I bought this product from a mall in Georgia. One of the staff there recommended it; she gave me every single detail about the product. I could not resist. It has been eight months of good looking and healthy skin. I have been making orders online. I have also tried more products from the same brand.
Reduces skin breakouts
  • REVIEWED BY Hope , 03/25/2019
I am prone to skin breakouts, especially after walking or standing under the sun for hours. This has been a problem for me since mostly I work outdoors. One of my colleagues, however, introduced me to Day Cream Complex a few weeks ago. Although my skin had not reacted well with other products I used before, I decided to try. The risk was worth it. No more breakouts, my skin is moisturized and looks healthy. I believe this stuff would work for anyone.
Moisturizes and protects my skin
  • REVIEWED BY Zara , 02/12/2019
My sister gave e this product as a present some weeks back. I use it every morning before applying makeups. It keeps my skin moisturized and protects it from harmful sun rays. It is dermatology tested, so I believe it won?t harm my skin, now or in the future.
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