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Dead Sea Aromatic Mineral Mud



Since the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, it has accumulated, over centuries, rich natural minerals. As a result, the mud has a high concentration of trace and essential elements, which help to reduce muscle pains and aching joints. For body use only.

Gently massage a sufficient amount of mud onto your body. Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until dry and wash away with warm water.

Within 30 minutes the pain is gone
  • REVIEWED BY Diana L , 06/22/2019
I have always believed that Dead Sea products are the best; most of my friends told me so. I decided to try Dead Sea aromatic mineral mad. After doing my usual vigorous exercise in the gym, I relive the joint and muscle pains with this product at home. It only takes me about 30minutes, and I am done. Not a day have I ever been disappointed. I highly recommend it!
It gives satisfactory results
  • REVIEWED BY Milka , 04/09/2019
The first time I used Dead Sea aromatic mineral mud, I felt great. It was apparent that the product worked. It relieved the muscle pains on my body after swimming for hours in the ocean. Since then, I have never stopped treating my body with this unique product, especially after long days at work. I purchased a package for my aging mother, and she loves it as well.
Relieves joints and muscle paint fast
  • REVIEWED BY Maya , 04/06/2019
I am 60, and I have realized that my muscles and joints become weaker by day. But at the same time, I knew I had to do some work and exercise to keep fit. My daughter advised me to try this product rather than quitting exercise. I am happy that it worked. It relieves joint and muscle pains in a few minutes. You can never miss one at my house.
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