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Dead Sea Aromatic Salt Scrub - Exotic Scent



These natural Dead Sea salt crystals, absorbed into a mixture of carefully selected aromatic oils, enrich your skin with vital minerals from the Dead Sea. The aromatic oils give your skin moisture, nourishment, and a silky feeling. Exotic Scent.

massage your body gently with a sufficient amount, (you may use a towel glove), rinse with warm water.

Spa-like treatment from home
  • REVIEWED BY Norah , 05/14/2019
I used Dead Sea Aromatic scrub ?exotic scent for the first time in a spa. The experience was great. My skin was, soft, smooth, and well moisturized. Later on, I decided to purchase it for use at home. I get the same spa-like treatment. My skin is allergic to most of the scrubs in the market, but I am happy that this one worked. Its smell is also not overpowering. I am impressed.
It softens my skin
  • REVIEWED BY Juliana , 05/04/2019
My skin gets so dry in cold seasons. Dead Sea Aromatic salt scrub- Exotic scent has of late been my best skin care product. After every application, my skin feels smooth and soft. It also removes dead skin from my feet. I love it and will buy again.
No side effects
  • REVIEWED BY Eliza , 04/14/2019
My younger sister introduced me to this salt scrub. To be sincere, this is the only product I have used for more than six months. It makes my skin soft and eliminates dead skin without causing any adverse effects. I will purchase again.
  • REVIEWED BY janet factor , 04/18/2018
i use this product in my bath water makes my skin sooo soft. LUV IT!!!
  • REVIEWED BY Connie , 03/27/2018
Love Love Love this product! It leaves your skin so SOFT and removes all dead skin
soft skin
  • REVIEWED BY kathy , 01/25/2017
i love this it feels good on my skin and makes it so so soft . i will buy it again
  • REVIEWED BY Peggy Cobleigh , 05/13/2016
My feet get so dry in the desert in New Mexico. After one application my feet are so soft. I'm truly impressed!
so soft skin
  • REVIEWED BY mariel , 03/10/2016
This product is the only product that makes my skin perfectly soft.
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