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Delicate Hair Preventive Care Shampoo



This formula consists of root acids, honeydew and minerals, all combined with a secret CRSFO mixture that assists in preventing hair loss.

No more hair falls!
  • REVIEWED BY Victoria , 04/22/2019
No more hair falls all thanks to delicate hair preventive care shampoo. I have been using it for like six months, and it?s all good. I have been a Dead Sea premier customer for long, and I love their products. i was sure that this shampoo would work just like they advertised. I recommended it to some of the ladies I know. I have volumes of hair, and I am happy.
keeps my hair intact
  • REVIEWED BY Alexa , 04/19/2019
My hair took ages to grow; I cannot imagine losing it. This is precisely the reason why I have been using this unique shampoo. I use it every time I am cleaning my hair, and I have never experienced any hair loss. It also somehow makes my hair smooth. One bottle lasts for an extended period. I love it.
I found what I have been looking for!
  • REVIEWED BY Grace , 03/03/2019
After hearing great reviews from my friend regarding this product, I knew it was what I have been looking for. My hairline is safe, with no hair loss. I wash my hair once or twice per week with the product. I am sharing my bottle with my mum, and she loves it too. As long as it is still available in the market, I will continue making purchases.
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