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Eye Make Up Remover



This eye makeup remover quickly and effectively removes all eye makeup, eliminates even the most challenging makeup. Leaves eye area fresh, clean and feeling soft.

Shake well before use, apply with a cotton pad to the eye area.

Works very well
  • REVIEWED BY Deborah , 05/03/2019
Removes stubborn waterproof mascara with ease and no hard rubbing required. I have very sensitive eyes and this doesn't irritate or cause tearing or blurryness. Thumbs up!
Gentle remover for sensitive eyes
  • REVIEWED BY Claire F. , 04/26/2019
This works great on my eyes. It doesn't irritate my eyes and doesn't burn. My tip: Don't rub - saturate a pad and hold it in place for 5 seconds then gently swipe.
Best non-irritating eye makeup remover
  • REVIEWED BY Cynthia Burgess , 03/22/2019
I've tried different products from different brands, but I think this one is the best, it's non-irritating, and removes makeup with little effort, recommended!
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