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Facial Duet Exclusive Package



This kit contains:

Luxury Facial Cleanser with Micro Grains

This 5.5 pH balanced soap-less facial cleanser is rich with therapeutic essential oils and Dead Sea minerals and is suitable for all skin types.

Moisture Cream for Multi Use

This all-purpose, PH 5.5 cream relaxes the skin, protects from dryness, and helps to relievie irritation. It contains fresh, pure Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Avocado, therapeutic essential oils, liposomes and Dead Sea minerals.

Luxury Facial Cleanser with Micro Grains

Spread on wet face, massage gently and wash away with warm water. Avoid from getting product into the eyes, if you do rinse thoroughly with water.

Moisture Cream for Multi Use

Gently massage on to your skin until absorbed.

Efficient skincare set
  • REVIEWED BY Samara , 06/23/2019
I bought this set last year. I find it more economical to buy a set rather than two separate products. I use the luxury facial cleanser with micro grains every night to remove dirt, impurities, and makeups from my face. It opens up the pores and leaves my skin filling fresh. The moisture cream for multi-use, on the other hand, hydrates my dry skin and gives it a natural glow. I sometimes use it before applying makeups. Generally, the set is impressive and helps me maintain healthy and beautiful skin.
It helps maintain healthy skin
  • REVIEWED BY Mckenna , 06/22/2019
It took me ages to accept the fact that I have to use skin care products to maintain healthy skin. I have sensitive skin that is allergic to almost everything. Luckily, I thought of trying this set, and it worked. The dry patches and rashes on my forehead are no more. I have developed a habit of using both products daily. The experience is amusing.
Mom loves it
  • REVIEWED BY Gibson Sandy , 05/03/2019
Bought this set for mom, and she just keeps the moisturizer by her side 24/7 :)
The gift
  • REVIEWED BY Kelley S. , 04/30/2019
I love the products and pricing on this set. Great value.
Double great
  • REVIEWED BY Alexis Stokes , 04/02/2019
Excellent multi use moisturizer which is my favorite and a cleanser gel which does not dry the skin- who can ask for more at this great price.
Gives a youthful skin
  • REVIEWED BY Raegan , 02/26/2019
I bought a Facial Duet Exclusive package for my elder sister. She uses it together with anti-aging products from the same Dad Sea Premier. You can hardly tell that she is 60. It is also sold at a reasonable price.
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