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Gentle foaming mousse cleanser



This soft, mild, lightweight foam cleanses and purifies the skin, helping boost natural hydration. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals it gently cleanses and purifies the skin leaving it with a rich silky feel. Suitable for all skin types.

Wet your face with warm water and apply a small amount of cleansing foam on your hands. Cleanse from the neck up to the hairline in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

My long awaited product
  • REVIEWED BY Vera , 05/04/2019
I keep trying different cleansers for my face but this one has done the best. I saw how it transformed my sister?s face and I had to try it. I am so pleased by the results from this product. I also like it because it is affordable and it is working greatly. I can recommend it for anyone.
Completes my look
  • REVIEWED BY Whitney , 04/27/2019
This is my long waited product. I have been looking for such a product for a long time and I have finally found it. The cleanser has a lovely smell and a nice texture. I feel so nice after using this product. It makes my face look younger and beautiful
Pleased with the results
  • REVIEWED BY Tina , 02/26/2019
This product is all I needed for my face. I had tried some other products before but they weren?t helpful. It has softened my face within a short time of use. Its fragrance is also awesome. I think anyone looking for a good cleanser should have a try on this one.
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