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Herbal Body Butter



This supremely rich, sliky, aromatic Dead Sea Body Butter quickly absorbs into the skin to make it soft and silky smooth. The creamy all-over body butter is ideal for treating dry, cracked skin, as it melts at body temperature and absorbs easily and smoothly.

Apply in circular movements to clean skin for ultimate hydration.

Absorbs fast and softens skin
  • REVIEWED BY Gladys K , 04/14/2019
I started using my herbal body butter last month. As I write this review, I have just finished rubbing it on my skin. It absorbs fast and leaves my skin feeling soft. I have not had any skin issues so far. I am eager to see how my skin will look like in the future. I believe it is worth a second and third and even more purchase.
Silky smooth feeling!
  • REVIEWED BY Nadia Viera , 03/16/2019
Love this body butter. I have really dry skin from the past winter.. I can finally say I have found my favourite moisturizer for my body! Makes me feetsies so smooth! Smells wonderful!!!
Softens my hands and feet
  • REVIEWED BY Nebaeh , 03/16/2019
I only use this product on my hands and feet. It has helped me achieve the skin texture I have been looking for. My skin is so soft and smooth. Now I am planning on purchasing a package for my mother. She has been complaining about cracked skin. I know it will correct her skin problems. I can?t wait to see her reaction.
I am hooked!
  • REVIEWED BY Gladys K , 02/20/2019
I have always used body butter since my teenage years. I have used different brands sold at different prices. Some were good others were terrible. Eventually, I landed on herbal body butter by Dead Sea premier. I feel like I am hooked to this stuff. It makes my skin smooth and protects it from adverse weather conditions that would make it crack. It is better than all the others. I don?t think I can go a day without it.
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