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Intense Relief Aromatic Hand Cream



This unique, non-greasy, aromatic hand cream is specially formulated with natural Dead Sea minerals & rich essential oils to heal dry skin & form a protective glove against hurting elements.

Spread on hands and massage gently.

An excellent pick for dry skin
  • REVIEWED BY Fatima , 05/29/2019
Intense relief aromatic hand cream is an excellent pick for sensitive and dry skin. It is light textured and gentle on the skin. It hydrates my skin without causing any adverse side effects. I love its scent; it goes well with my perfumes. My winter skin has never looked this good. It is worth every penny!
My hands are smoother and softer
  • REVIEWED BY Juniper , 04/05/2019
This stuff is an all-around performer that hydrates my skin and protects it against hurting elements. It leaves my hands feeling smoother and softer. I always have it in my bag, especially when traveling to a different state. It is sold at an affordable price.
My winter skin looks healthy
  • REVIEWED BY Amira , 02/21/2019
I hated winter for one reason; my hands cracked and became rough. It is not the case anymore. My husband discovered this intense relief aromatic hand cream and gave me as a present last winter. I was so eager to see how it worked and alas! I got what I wanted. My skin is always hydrated and glows in all seasons. It feels so good!
  • REVIEWED BY Adi Yakov , 03/29/2018
This lotion is amazing! I thought my hands would never be soft and now after using this cream they are unbelievably soft!
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