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Intensive Age Treatment Cream



This skin-relaxing complex has an intense anti-wrinkle effect. It is a safe, natural affordable, and non-intrusive alternative to injections of Botulinum toxin. Spontaneous and regular face movements show our emotions throughout the day and mark the skin with lines of varying depth, known as expression lines. This complex dramatically reduces those lines and wrinkles, prevents skin sagging, and adds tone and elasticty. The skin is left firmer, more radiant, and younger looking.

onto cleansed skin apply twice daily.

My most favourite
  • REVIEWED BY Joy Bor , 04/16/2019
I’m always proud of my younger and beautiful look from the moment I started applying this cream from Premier Dead Sea. It is my most favourite.
A great treatment
  • REVIEWED BY Pauline Middleton , 04/11/2019
It is a great treatment cream. I use it every morning and evening after taking a shower and it has really transformed my skin. The wrinkles and fine lines have started to fade away and my radiant look has begun to come back within the short period that I have been using the product.
Very affordable
  • REVIEWED BY Janet Meyer , 04/06/2019
Compared to botox among other anti-aging remedies, Intensive Age Treatment cream is the cheapest option I know. people who think that Botulinum toxin injections are the best way to prevent skin sagging should try this cream and they’ll certainly prove themselves wrong. I would recommend it to anyone anytime.
Firmed my sagging skin
  • REVIEWED BY June Margaret , 03/21/2019
If you have a sagging skin is something that robbed me of my self-esteem big time. I was almost giving up on firming it up by the time I bought this cream since all the products that I had used before were terrible failures despite costing me lots of bucks.
Very Effective product
  • REVIEWED BY Millie , 03/17/2019
Anyone looking for a product to remove wrinkles on their faces should try this product. It is a perfect anti-ageing serum that removed wrinkles on my face in one month. I am 60 years and my face looks like am 30. This is my best product. I love it.
Use it carefully
  • REVIEWED BY Mary Ann , 03/17/2019
It is the best mask I know so far. However, I would caution anyone intending to apply it for their first not to make the mistake I made once; don’t apply it on your eye area because the skin surrounding your eyes is delicate. All in all, it is an incredible treatment.
The best cream ever
  • REVIEWED BY Catherine Helena , 03/15/2019
When I went home with this cream and told my husband and daughter that I had been told that it would firm my sagging skin, they both burst with laughter. They told me that I had no any other option apart from going for a cosmetic surgery or injection if I wanted to have a firm skin. One year down the line, this cream has proved them wrong. It is the best option.
A must-have
  • REVIEWED BY Betty C. , 02/26/2019
What a top-quality product! I love every bit about this treatment cream. It has really helped my skin develop the radiance it never had for many years. It is gentle and spreads easily. It is one of the many Premier Dead Sea products that I can’t live without.
Awesome product
  • REVIEWED BY Rebecca West , 02/16/2019
Wow! I find this cream extremely awesome. It is incomparable to the other products that I have ever used in pursuit of bringing back the lost radiance of my skin. It has reduced fine lines and wrinkles on my skin dramatically. I would recommend it without any doubt.
Very Good Product
  • REVIEWED BY Sandra , 02/15/2019
This product has really transformed my face. Out of all the anti-ageing products I have come across, this one beats them all. I was also impressed by the boutique attendants where I bought this product. They chose for me this product and it truly worked perfectly.
Thanks for this cream
  • REVIEWED BY Damaris Kay , 02/15/2019
I here to thank the salesperson who convinced me to buy and use this cream. I can’t remember his name but he was heavenly sent since this cream has changed my skin tremendously. I can now boast a fine, wrinkle-free and radiant skin.
Worked Perfectly
  • REVIEWED BY Joy , 02/13/2019
I can recommend this serum to anyone with an aged skin. It worked so wonderfully for my mother after I bought it for her. She introduced her friend to a friend and she also got amazing results. My mother always purchases this product every time. She loves it so much.
I’m excited
  • REVIEWED BY Terry Indris , 02/08/2019
Gone are the moments when my birthday made me a worried woman because my wrinkles used to grow deeper day by day although I’m just in my late 30s. Luckily, I bumped on this cream as I was looking for a product that could at least prevent further wrinkling. I’m very excited because it has reduced the appearance of the wrinkles significantly.
Simply priceless
  • REVIEWED BY Shania Lillian , 02/08/2019
For the nine years that I have been offering beauty services, I have used many types of creams but honestly, this one stands out from the rest. I have never had any complaints about it from the customers that I have recommended to use it. I have personally witnessed its wonders on my skin. It is priceless!
A reliable cream
  • REVIEWED BY Deborah Clarke , 02/04/2019
I give this product a five-star rating because I have personally tested it and found out that it is truly a reliable cream for the reversal of aging signs, especially by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines. I always thank my friend who encouraged me to use it for the first time.
Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • REVIEWED BY Maggie David , 02/01/2019
Anyone looking for a cream to add tone and elasticity to their skin should consider trying this product on this fear. It has been very beneficial to my skin, considering that I have used for just five months and I can notice improved elasticity and tone.
A fantastic product
  • REVIEWED BY Nicky Wilson , 01/12/2019
I got introduced to this amazing cream by an attendant at our local mall. Although I rarely trust salespeople, I decided to give the product a benefit of doubt. Fortunately, it didn’t let me down and I found to be better than the cream that I was using before. It is a fantastic product.
Ultimate face wrinkle solution
  • REVIEWED BY Janet Henderson , 01/05/2019
Finally, I found the ultimate solution to my face wrinkles! Of all the cosmetic products that I have ever tried, only Intensive Age Treatment Cream managed to reduce the appearance wrinkles and the expression lines that were on my face. It is an amazing product.
An excellent cream
  • REVIEWED BY Lya Sean , 12/29/2018
This is cream is excellent. I absolutely love it. Its skin-relaxing effect is just out of this world as it works to firm my skin. Many people think I’m 35 years old or so while I’m actually turning 46 by next December. I can’t ask for more from Premier Dead Sea for my skin. This one has me fully covered.
It gets rid of wrinkles
  • REVIEWED BY Stephanie Grace , 12/20/2018
Were it not for the friend who recommended me to use this cream, I would have ended up wasting a lot of money for a cosmetic surgery to get rid of my wrinkles. I’m glad that I found it because my face looks like younger with less visible wrinkles and fine lines after seven months of regular use of this cream.
It is great
  • REVIEWED BY Fahtma W. , 12/08/2018
My daughter bought me this cream while she was coming home from abroad. I was almost certain that, just like other cosmetics that I had tried, there was no way it could firm my sagging skin. Surprisingly, it even exceeded my expectations. I have been using it since then and my skin is no longer the same again.
Highly recommended
  • REVIEWED BY Sandra Pragya , 12/04/2018
I’m lucky to have found this cream when old age was beginning to catch up with me and my skin had started to sag and wrinkle. Luckily, this cream stopped all that and helped me regain my youthful skin. I would highly recommend it to women like me who want to look younger despite their advanced age.
A bit expensive but worth it
  • REVIEWED BY Laura White , 12/02/2018
I really like this cream. First, it is very gentle on my skin and leaves my face well moisturized. Besides, offers an amazing skin firming effect. However, I find it a bit expensive because I’m a middle-income earner. I just hope there’s a day I’ll get it at a cheaper price.
  • REVIEWED BY Carol Johnson , 12/01/2018
I love it! The first time I set my eyes on this cream I was convinced that it was top-notch because I had heard from my friends that Premier Dead Sea offers the best cosmetic products. True to my expectations, it transformed my skin incredibly. It is amazing .
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