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Intensive Age Treatment Serum



The Biox anti-aging serum is a targeted skin-relaxing treatment for an intense anti - wrinkle effect. This complex, rich in Dead Sea minerals, offers a cosmetic solution to lessen the effects of time. It dramatically reduces wrinkles, prevents skin sagging, and adds tone and elasticity. It provides an immediate, optimized lifting for a perfect anti - aging effect. The skin is left firmer, more radiant, and younger looking.

onto cleansed skin apply twice daily.

Amazing results
  • REVIEWED BY Victoria , 05/27/2019
This product introduced me to Dead Sea products. I had a droopy skin and wrinkles before i purchased this product. I am 54 years and this product has made me young again. My face is now smooth and no wrinkles anymore. I am going to continue using it to improve even more.
Made me young again
  • REVIEWED BY Frida , 04/15/2019
With this product, I need no more make up. It completes my look and makes me look even younger. It works so fast to remove wrinkles and lines on the face. Its price is also friendly. I always buy a package of Dead Sea skin products and I have no reasons to change them. They work so well.
Very good product
  • REVIEWED BY Lawrence Ethen , 04/10/2019
I couldn’t understand why my wife insisted about buying the Intensive Age Treatment Serum, which cost as twice as another serum she used before. But after seeing how radiant her skin has become, I have understood her fascination with this brand. The point of me writing this is not to testify on her behalf, but to confess that I have been using it too after I read that it reduces wrinkles and I didn’t see anywhere that it’s exclusive for women. Even though it hasn’t got rid of my wrinkles just yet, I can feel that my skin is getting firmer. I can advice anyone to give it a try.
Worth every penny
  • REVIEWED BY Jennifer Charity , 03/29/2019
After cleansing and drying my face, I usually put a small amount of the Intensive Age Treatment Serum on my hand. Then I rub it all over my face for about 1 minute. I’m happy to be using a product that I like using and provides me with amazing results.
I like it
  • REVIEWED BY Irene Emma , 03/26/2019
A friend gave me the free sample that came with her order. I like the scent of this Intensive Age Treatment Serum. I’m planning to order mine soon and hopefully it will work on my skin, just like it’s working for my friend’s.
Better than most
  • REVIEWED BY Lydia Yvonne , 03/15/2019
I’m 64 years old and I have been using anti-aging creams and serums for the past 5 years or so. Of all the serums I used, none was near perfect as I had to deal with different complications, from eye irritation to burning across my forehead to feeling itchiness in my face. Having sensitive skin, I believed that the problem was with my skin, not the products. Then I visited my sister and found that she uses the Intensive Age Treatment Serum. She had no complains about it so I decided to buy it when my other serum got spent up. To cut the long story short, this serum turned out to be the best I have ever used. It’s very gentle to my skin and the results are amazing.
Helps with sagging skin
  • REVIEWED BY Patricia Jordan , 03/15/2019
I’ve had sagging skin under my chin and made me look older. The Intensive Age Treatment Serum has helped tighten and firm the skin a bit. I will continue using it as it seems to be working.
  • REVIEWED BY Emily Isabella , 03/13/2019
I want to thank the company behind this product. I have been searching for an authentic product that will help me retain my youthful looks and the Intensive Age Treatment Serum has really helped in that. At 55, I don’t have fine lines, nor do I have sagging skin. I can highly recommend this product.
  • REVIEWED BY Briana Karly , 03/11/2019
I love it
  • REVIEWED BY Phyllis Sky , 03/05/2019
This Serum has is simply the best anti-aging Serum out there! I really like it.
Great products
  • REVIEWED BY Bianca Willa , 03/04/2019
I heard someone over the radio talk about the healing powers of the Dead Sea Mud. The story fascinated me, so I embarked on an online research and found out that Premier Dead Sea is one of the companies that make products using unique components of the Dead Sea. I ordered their Intensive Age Treatment Serum and I have used it for three months now. I’m amazed at how fine lines have disappeared from my skin within such a short time.
  • REVIEWED BY Jane Christie , 02/28/2019
I have been admiring the wonderful results my best friend has been getting from this anti aging serum. The price was a bit high for me, so I have been constantly checking your website to see whether you’ll reduce it. Luckily, its new price is very affordable! Thanks for the consideration.
Intensive Age Treatment Serum really works!
  • REVIEWED BY Esther Milagros , 02/24/2019
At 53 years old, I had never thought of taking care of my skin until I looked myself in the mirror and got a rude shock! I couldn’t believe that I already had wrinkles running across my forehead. Jeez, where did they come from? I decided to search for anti-aging Serums online, and that’s how I came across the Intensive Age Treatment Serum. I ordered it and I’ve been using it twice per day. It’s been ten weeks since I started using the serum and all fine lines are gone and the wrinkles are becoming less prominent. I’m satisfied with the results.
Eliminates fine lines
  • REVIEWED BY Beth Abigail , 02/18/2019
I purchased this serum on December 2017. I have been applying it twice per day Mondays through to Friday. Even though fine lines didn’t disappear within the first few weeks, my skin looked well hydrated and smooth. As of now, which is about 7 months from the first time I started using the Intensive Age Treatment Serum, I don’t have even one fine line. All gone!
Amazing results
  • REVIEWED BY Gertrude Cortez , 02/17/2019
I use this serum everyday in the morning and in the evening. I’ve been getting compliments of how young I look lately, which means that the serum is working.
A miracle
  • REVIEWED BY Cristina Fernandez , 02/10/2019
Me regalaron un 'sample' y lo probé pensando "un serum más", pero el resultado fue ESPECTACULAR. Efectivamente, "more than you could ever imagine".
Felicitaciones ...
Completes my look
  • REVIEWED BY Anna , 02/02/2019
For my life, I have not been using so many skin care products. When I approached my late 40s, I noticed some wrinkles on my face and I had no idea which product to use. When I asked my friends, I was introduced to this anti-ageing product. Within two weeks, my wrinkles had started disappearing. I was surprised and happy. It is a very good product.
Happy first time user!
  • REVIEWED BY Amanda Sophia , 01/23/2019
I’ve been searching for a good serum that would help stop the aging process on my skin. Honestly I hadn’t planned to spend that high price for a single product, but then I thought to myself, isn’t my skin worth investing in? That’s how I decided to buy the Intensive Age Treatment Serum and I don’t regret one bit. I’ve used it for several months now and my skin feels firmer.
  • REVIEWED BY Pauline L. , 01/12/2019
This is an amazing product. I will definitely continue using it.
I prefer this Serum
  • REVIEWED BY Sally Thalia , 01/10/2019
After using Premier Dead Sea’s Intensive Age Treatment Serum and getting great results, I decided to order their anti-aging Serum to see how it fairs in comparison. I’ve found this thick all-natural Serum to be extremely good. Their serum is good, no doubt, but I think I will stick with the Serum from now on.
Highly recommended
  • REVIEWED BY Yuliana Milana , 01/04/2019
Intensive Age Treatment Serum has been part of my daily beauty routine for the past 5 months. It has really worked on me and I have also recommended it to many of my friends.
My honest review
  • REVIEWED BY Galilea Anabel , 01/01/2019
I have been using the Intensive Age Treatment Cream for about 5 months now and it has significantly reduced wrinkles from my face and neck. I highly recommend it.
Lots of positive feedback
  • REVIEWED BY Maureen Jaden , 12/23/2018
I work at a beauty spa and one of the products that most people are interested in is the most reliable anti-aging product they can use. So, I’m always on the lookout for new and highly rated products so that I can recommend only the best. Of all the products I’ve recommended, the Intensive Age treatment seems to have the most positive feedback. I’m yet to receive any complains about the product. Kudos to Premier Dead Sea for the amazing product!
Having the best experience
  • REVIEWED BY Elizabeth Stacy , 12/18/2018
These past few days I’ve got compliments from two different people about how good I look. It felt so good. The Intensive Age Treatment Serum I’ve been using seems to be working its magic. I so love this!
Great for sensitive skin
  • REVIEWED BY Rachael Amalia , 12/06/2018
I have super sensitive skin so I’m very picky when it comes to choosing skincare products. Ever since I discovered products from Premier Dead Sea, I haven’t had any skin problems or irritations. The Intensive Age Treatment Serum is one of the products I’m using and so far so good.
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