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Luxury Facial Cleanser with Micro Grains h



This 5.5 pH balanced soap-less facial cleanser is rich with therapeutic essential oils and Dead Sea minerals and is suitable for all skin types.

Spread on wet face, massage gently and wash away with warm water. Avoid from getting product into the eyes, if you do rinse thoroughly with water.

Professional skin treatment from home
  • REVIEWED BY Briatol , 05/19/2019
I enjoy cleaning my face with this quality cleanser every evening. The first time I used it, I felt like it was removing a layer of dirt off my skin. I only use a small amount, so one packet serves me for an extended period. My skin feels smooth and looks young and healthy. You can quickly tell that it is getting some professional treatment.
No adverse effects in sensitive skin
  • REVIEWED BY Micah , 05/08/2019
I highly recommend this cleanser for people with oily and sensitive skin like mine. I have not experienced any burning effects when using it. I treat my skin with this cleanser almost daily to remove dirt impurities and makeups. Unlike other cleansers I know, this one has not caused any harm to my skin. My face looks bright and has a natural glow.
Me encanta
  • REVIEWED BY AlejandritaPM , 03/31/2019
Compré este producto la semana de navidades en un centro comercial. Antes de nada, me hicieron una demostración de este y unos tres más. He de decir que todos me encantaron. El limpiador deja la piel muy suave e hidratada por las zonas secas de mi cara y mantiene a ralla los brillos por las zonas grasas. Es una maravilla. Todos los otros productos eran igual o más alucinantes que este, pero muy caros. La recomiendo.
Excellent cleanser
  • REVIEWED BY Olga N , 03/19/2019
I use the cleanser twice a day, and my problem, oily in T-zone skin really appreciates it.
Renews, relaxes, and cleans my skin
  • REVIEWED BY Edith , 02/03/2019
I have been trying different makeups now that I cleanse my skin every evening with Luxury Facial Cleanser with Micro Grains. I sleep like a baby in my clean, renewed, and relaxed skin. Outcomes after every use improve by the day. `I love the packaging and prompt delivery after I order online. My best friend is using it, and she looks great.
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