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Luxury Foot Cream



This forula effectively combines essential oils with therapeutic properties, Dead Sea minerals, and liposomes to prevent roughness and cracking of the feet.

Spread on feet and massage gently.

Second to none
  • REVIEWED BY Sunny , 06/24/2019
This stuff is gentle and has a soothing and smoothening effect as it absorbs into the skin. Of all the foot creams I have used, this one is unique in its own way. It instantly hydrates my skin and protects it from cracking. My feet look good, and I know they will look even better with time. This quality stuff is second to none.
Gives smooth and flawless feet
  • REVIEWED BY Yara , 05/06/2019
The skin on my feet is the most sensitive. It is prone to damage under all weather conditions. This problem forced me to wear long dresses and trousers all the time. Luckily, I encountered a relative who was using Luxury foot cream. She convinced me to use it as well. It has now been three months of smooth, flawless feet. I will make a third order soon.
Offers excellent essentials for my dry skin
  • REVIEWED BY Emerald , 03/14/2019
I cannot go a day without this foot cream. It corrects every single skin defect and protects my skin from further damage. I hated my cracked and rough feet. I am happy that I bought Luxury foot cream; it offers excellent essentials suitable for my dry skin. I only use it once every morning, and the results last for hours.
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