Pop Diva Mariah Carey Reveals the Secret of Her Eternal Glow - It's Not What You Expected

Yes, Mariah Carey sometimes bathes in milk, but the secret of her glowing beauty seems to lie in Dead Sea minerals.

When it comes to timeless pop icons and digging into their personal luggage, Mariah Carey definitely has one big suitcase. Adorable curls, pearly white teeth, and a perfect tan describe every appearance of Mariah Carey. Still, she hasn't always been a favorite of the tabloids. Even if all the credit goes to her remarkable, powerful voice, Mariah has often come across a sea of criticism. The famous singer was also bullied due to weight issues.


Yes, her appearance has always been a popular topic people gossip about, no matter if it's about her questionable fashion choices or something only a diva can afford, such as bathing in milk. It seems like she went through a lot of different phases but managed to keep a youthful look and nourished beauty. Add the divine voice of Mariah Carey to all of that and it becomes clear why she remained a popular topic among the public during all these years.


Those interested in Mariah will be happy to hear that our sources have discovered some of her secrets lately, such as the cause of her magically smooth and silky skin. Many speculated the singer has undergone surgery. However, if we are to believe those close to her, that is quite untrue. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that she became the ambassador of a prestigious Israeli cosmetics company called Premier.Did Mariah really fell in love with the Dead Sea, or she just took her role too seriously?


Two years ago, together with her twins, the pop diva visited Tel Aviv, where she promoted a new line of the famous company that celebrated its 25th birthday. The singer has repeatedly expressed her satisfaction with this cooperation and complete confidence she had in Premier Cosmetics Company.


Although very modest in revealing her habits to the public, Mariah was particularly honest about answering one question - Which product would you single out? The star admitted that there were two products that she liked best. One is a face cream for a youthful look named Biox Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Serum, and the other is the Prestige Moisture Complex - a cream with Dead Sea minerals for perfectly balanced skin.


The truth is that Mimi is at the threshold of 49. That’s just another reason for her stunning smile that defies new rumors every time they arise. The year of 2019 did not begin quietly for the star — the popular singer is leading a legal battle against her former manager and facing the public with her bipolar disorder for the first time after many years.


Despite the troubles, her new tour is set at full speed. First impressions are more than positive, and it’s a fact that Mariah is looking younger than ever. She gladly shows her glow to her Instagram followers, posting very natural photos, like those in a sexy diving suit from her previous vacation.


And once again, our determined associate and Mariah's faithful fan managed to sneak into the VIP area and meet the beloved diva. Yup, she's a goddess, a singer, a mother, and a business woman! Even during an exhausting tour, she is still active as a Premier ambassador.


Also, her beauty rituals remain unchanged. We scanned the area closely and the bottles of Biox Ultra and Prestige Complex were actually there. It seems that Mimi rarely parts with her luxurious cosmetic case. And why would she, if it is the reason she looks like a million dollars?