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Mask Miracle Noir



Unique in every way. This mask is a patented innovation. A unique new generation of skin treatment that has an ultra-modern texture and contains powerful anti-oxidants that will leave your skin looking younger than ever. The mask’s action is intense and is still active 8 hours after it has been removed, which is why the mask must not be applied daily. An interval of at least 60 hours must be maintained between each treatment.

Thoroughly cleanse skin. Apply a layer of the mud mask onto dry skin avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for 5 – 20 minutes. To remove the mask; wrap the black mineral bar located in the cap in a tissue and glide over the mask on the skin. The black mineral bar will remove the mud leaving behind a beautiful oily residue. The residue can be massaged into the skin or removed with a milk cleanser depending on the skin type.

Fantastic product
  • REVIEWED BY Birlo , 06/26/2019
I started using this mask because a work colleague suggested I give it a shot. I didn't know how it would pan out with my skin, but I was so desperate I had to take my chances. So far, it has done an excellent job with my dry and sensitive skin. Its benefits are priceless, and I'd recommend it to anyone out there with a similar problem to mine.
It is an excellent mosturizer
  • REVIEWED BY Olga N , 05/14/2019
I started using this product about a month ago. What I love most about it is that it's gentle enough to use on the face and also provides a fantastic option for sensitive skin. My skin used to be dry most of the time and would crack at times, but now it?s smooth and soft like never before. I also don't have wrinkles on my face anymore, which is excellent.
It does the job
  • REVIEWED BY Jenner , 04/27/2019
I have very sensitive skin, something which has always pushed me to be very careful when choosing what products to use. I bought this because a friend had recommended it to me and I have to say it?s the best I have ever used. It calms my skin and leaves a smooth feeling on my face that I have never experienced before.
The best mask
  • REVIEWED BY Patricia Burns , 04/14/2019
Of all the anti-aging masks that I have ever tried, Mask Miracle Noir beats them all. No wonder my husband calls it “ my wife’s beauty partner”. Having seen the great improvements that the mask has brought on my skin and the fact that my husband likes it is enough to rate the product with five stars.
An affordable product
  • REVIEWED BY Sally T. , 04/13/2019
This is our all-time family mask. it is more affordable and last longer as compared to other masks of its quality that we had used earlier. I personally like its soothing effect and how quickly it smoothened, moisturized and rejuvenated my wrinkled, dry and flaky skin.
A worthy buy
  • REVIEWED BY Flor Garcia , 04/08/2019
Mask Miracle Noir is indeed a worthy buy. I purchased it two weeks ago and amazingly, it has proved to be what I have been looking for a long time. I’m delighted by its silky feel upon application and the refreshed look I have gained for the short period that I have been using it.
It does wonders
  • REVIEWED BY Mary Roberts , 03/31/2019
My first Mask Miracle Noir was a gift from my then fiancé who is now my husband. I liked how it worked on my skin and couldn’t help buying another pack of it. Since then, I use it consistently after every two days and I like every bit of the experience.
Supplies vital antioxidants
  • REVIEWED BY Jenny , 03/27/2019
Mask Miracle Noir supplies my facial skin with the vital antioxidants it needs to fight aging signs. I prefer it to other masks mostly because it of its ultra-effectiveness and the fact that I don’t have to use it daily to get the desired results. I highly recommend it.
Doesn’t need daily use
  • REVIEWED BY Wendy Wilson , 03/21/2019
I find it Mask Miracle Noir very easy to use as I must not put it on daily. I usually use it just thrice a week. Its silky feel makes it spread incredibly well on the skin. Once it sits for around 10 to 20 minutes, I remove it using the black mineral bar placed in the cap and then massage the residue into the skin.
Excellent for a smooth and healthy look
  • REVIEWED BY Jacque Brown , 03/16/2019
I lack words to express my gratitude to the makers and the distributors of this mask. my skin has turned ultra-soft, smooth and healthy with a glow following the regular application of this product.
An excellent product
  • REVIEWED BY Monica J. , 03/16/2019
I give this product all the credit for my current beautiful look. Although my skin is very sensitive, it responds pretty well to this mask, perhaps because it is a natural product. thank you, Premier Dead Sea, from bringing Dead Sea’s minerals closer to me.
The best so far
  • REVIEWED BY Ann Fuqua , 03/09/2019
I don’t think there is any other mask that can take care of my skin better than how Mask Miracle Noir does. It has helped me get rid of fine lines apart of keeping my skin moisturized. It has a nice scent and offers an awesome calming result.
A high-quality product
  • REVIEWED BY Annah Brandford , 02/22/2019
I am a happy customer, thanks to this product. It is friendly to my pocket but still very high quality. It is easy to apply as it spreads well while the black mineral bar that it comes with makes its removal a breeze. It is the best facial mask of all the types and brands that I know.
It is unmatched
  • REVIEWED BY Lettia Avadis , 01/26/2019
It is pricier as compared to my previous skin treatment but I don’t care much about the extra cost because the value of this mask is unmatched. It has stopped my skin breakout and improved the overall look of my skin remarkably. It is a must-have in my cabinet.
Easy to spread/remove
  • REVIEWED BY Alicia Gray , 01/22/2019
I use this mask only once every two days and surprisingly, it is more effective than the majority of daily masks from other companies. It spreads perfectly and is easy to remove. It is one of those products that I don’t mind buying even when my budget is at its knees because it is simply invaluable.
An extraordinary mask
  • REVIEWED BY Carol Ron , 01/06/2019
I am now the newest model in town, courtesy of Mask Miracle Noir. It is not an ordinary mask but rather a patented innovation. I love its uniqueness, from the ultra-modern texture to the powerful anti-oxidant ingredients. It is a treatment that never disappoints. I will definitely buy it again.
Reverses aging signs
  • REVIEWED BY Linder Henderson , 12/30/2018
I simply love this mask and it is the reason why I count on Premier Dead Sea for solutions to all my beauty needs. The mask has reversed the aging signs including wrinkles and fine lines that had started to manifest on my face. Besides, its price is very reasonable, considering the great value it offers.
Highly recommended
  • REVIEWED BY Antonette Torres , 12/26/2018
I would highly recommend Mask Miracle Noir to anyone out there struggling to have a younger looking face. It contains the elements that a dry and uneven skin needs to reclaim its lost glory. I have experienced its transforming power and that’s why I can say without any fear of contradiction that it is truly an excellent product.
A worthy buy
  • REVIEWED BY Yvonne , 12/26/2018
Unlike the mask that I was using previously, Mask Miracle Noir leaves my face moisturized and feels amazing while on my skin. The experience I have with this treatment is far much different from other masks I had been using before I found it. It is a worthy buy!
A revolutionary treatment
  • REVIEWED BY Milkah Richards , 12/14/2018
The first time I bought this mask was when I was on a holiday trip to the U.S after I saw one of my friends using it. I decided to give it a try when she showed me some photos of her before and after she started using it; her transformation was magnificent! I’m glad that today I have a similar story to tell about the product.
A 10/10 mask
  • REVIEWED BY Kirsta Fort , 12/10/2018
Wow! I like it! I like it! It balances my skin perfectly in addition to leaving me with a clean feel. I also find it easy to apply and smells really good. I have nothing to complain about the treatment and for that reason, out of a scale of ten, I give it ten points.
Offers an incredible glow
  • REVIEWED BY Becky Klein , 12/04/2018
It has given my face the glow it needed for a very long time. I can now walk confidently knowing that my face is on point I would recommend you to use the treatment for anyone who aspires to a rejuvenated, shimmy, healthy and youthful looking skin or maintain one. It has been extremely good to me.
  • REVIEWED BY Negra van Duren , 11/10/2018
I started using this mask 3 years ago .... It is fantastic and I still get a lot of compliments about my skin (face). Effulgent
Really good mask!
  • REVIEWED BY Sophia , 01/16/2018
Amazing masks! Leaves skin feeling clean and soft!
  • REVIEWED BY Paige Wilkinson , 07/26/2016
I bought this product for my mum but the whole family use it. Its incredible, the smell is beautiful and extremely calming. The oil that remains is super moisturising and left my skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. i will defiantly re purchase this product as its long lasting too.
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