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Moisturizing Travel Gift Set



Moisture cream for multi use - A very high performance all purpose moisture cream enriched with Dead Sea minerals, liposomes and botanicals which provides a relaxing feeling, and helps protect the skin against dryness. The valuable Dead Sea minerals combined with plant extracts ensures that the skin becomes smooth, soft and beautiful looking. Suitable for all skin types. Facial cleanser gel- A daily use, high performance soap-less cleanser enriched with botanical extracts and Dead Sea minerals that is suitable for all skin types. The valuable Dead Sea minerals combined with oils and plant extracts ensures that the skin becomes clean, smooth, and beautiful looking. Luxury hand cream - A Silky, high performance cream with Dead Sea minerals, liposomes and botanical extracts that is immediately absorbed by the skin without leaving a slick, oily residue. It develops a protecting film on the skin leaving your hands soft and luxuriously smooth.


Moisture cream for multi use Gently massage on to your skin until absorbed. Facial cleanser gel- Spread on wet face, massage gently and wash away with warm water. Avoid from getting product into the eyes, if you do rinse thoroughly with water. Luxury hand cream - Spread on hands and massage gently.

Great product collection for traveling
  • REVIEWED BY Shari , 05/04/2019
3 products that don’t get you stuck at the airport- excellent size and unbeatable quality.
Excellent gift
  • REVIEWED BY Bonnie B. , 04/13/2019
I gave this to all my employees on Mother’s Day and couldn’t get enough compliments.
Incredible product
  • REVIEWED BY Zoeey , 04/11/2019
I received a Moisturizing travel gift set in December last year from my best friend. The moisture cream is incredible; it hydrates my skin and provides a relaxing feeling as it absorbs into the skin. The facial cleanser is so good at eliminating dirt, impurities, and makeups off my skin. I use it every evening before going to bed. The luxury hand cream, on the other hand, is perfect for my skin. It hydrates my skin and protects it from cracking. My hands are baby soft and smooth. I will buy a gift set for my mum; I know she will love it.
Price matches quality
  • REVIEWED BY Aubrey , 03/16/2019
I love all the products in the gift set. My husband bought it for me last month. I have dry skin, but the moisture cream has kept it well moisturized. I also love the hand cream; it softens my hands and keeps me warm when it?s cold. The cost of the set matches its quality.
Great value set
  • REVIEWED BY Sarah Curtis , 02/28/2019
I love this set and always have one handy in my luggage, everything you need with a beautiful clutch bag.
Maintains beautiful skin regardless of the climate
  • REVIEWED BY Layla , 02/23/2019
Everything I need to keep me confident in my beautiful skin when on international travels. My work is hectic and involves much traveling. Climate change would badly taper with my skin condition and general complexion. The moment I discovered this package, I knew it would be of many benefits. It's hard to explain how efficient it is. Everything in the gift set is valuable. I love it.
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