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Night Cream Complex



This hypoallergenic cream uses a secret formula that moisturizes, speeds up melanin suppression, and refreshes sunstressed skin. Dermatology tested, this cream helps combat wrinkles and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Apply each evening after thorough cleansing of your face. During the first days of application use gel fount in the top of the lid before the cream.

Suitable for sensitive skin
  • REVIEWED BY Melody , 05/18/2019
This skin care product nourishes and moisturizes my skin perfectly every night. My skin is smooth, and the aging signs are reducing. It is gentle and leaves my skin feeling great. I have sensitive skin, but I have not seen any adverse reaction. I am in my late 50?s, but I am no longer using lots of makeups to cover any skin defects. Night Cream Complex is the best.
The company’s products are amazing
  • REVIEWED BY Cynthia F. , 04/16/2019
Premier Dead Sea products are all I use now. This night cream goes on smoothly and nourishes the skin overnight. In the morning my skin feels smooth as silk. I use it with PDS neck cream at night, and the eye serum and eye cream, all which keep my skin dewy, soft and looking youthful all day.
No adverse effects
  • REVIEWED BY Adalyn , 04/14/2019
I always look forward to a night treatment with this product. I look so different from what I was several months back. My skin feels smooth in the morning and remains youthful all hours of the day. Unlike other creams that caused allergic reactions, I have not experienced any adverse effects. I use it together with a facial serum from the same brand for perfect results.
No greasy look
  • REVIEWED BY Zondra Norman , 04/11/2019
Of all the creams I have used before, this is the best. It helps me moisturize without leaving a greasy look on my face. My skin feels smooth and soft, making this the perfect companion for the aging woman whose skin is drying up due to menopause.
Amazing results
  • REVIEWED BY Becky Cummins , 04/07/2019
You should see my before-and-after pics: you won't believe it. To get the best results you should use it with the serum.
Will definitely purchase again
  • REVIEWED BY Yolanda W. , 04/06/2019
I really like this product. First bought in Vegas through a hi-pitched sale. More affordable here. When I received my product though the lid was loose and lost some product, so disappointed in that. I really like how my skin feels using this product and will buy again.
I love that “refreshed” feeling
  • REVIEWED BY Kate Kohutek , 03/24/2019
This is a night cream because it is very heavy but effective. I like the green gel that is used as a prep for the cream. It leaves your skin feeling very smooth and refreshed.
Smells wonderful!
  • REVIEWED BY Georgia Harris , 03/23/2019
This is the best night cream that I have ever used. It is very emollient, smells wonderful, and leaves my very sensitive skin hydrated and refreshed.
Great value for your money
  • REVIEWED BY Kunka W. , 03/18/2019
I love the Premier products. They give you a big bang for the buck. I have sensitive skin and many products will cause an allergic reaction or make my face breakout, but not Premier. The creams are rich without feeling greasy. The moisture cream leaves a hydrated canvas for easy foundation application.
Combats aging signs
  • REVIEWED BY Ryleigh , 03/11/2019
Night cream complex is so good at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on my face. It also helps prevent breakouts. Currently, it is the only skincare product I am using, and I am satisfied. It has made an enormous difference. My face has never looked this flawless and youthful.
Can't live without it
  • REVIEWED BY Lisa Keating , 02/25/2019
Just love this stuff, can't live without it here in the dry heat of the desert.
No more dry skin blotches on face
  • REVIEWED BY Kate W. , 02/21/2019
I live in Minnesota and this year we have a terrible winter - extremely cold and very dry. I have been using the Premier products for the last 3 years, and this year, even though it has been the most brutal winter I can remember, my face has never been better. I use to have dry skin blotches on my face but using the Dead Sea Night Cream Complex in combination with the Premier Concentrated Facial Serum and the Moisture Complex, my face has never been better.
Very effective
  • REVIEWED BY Durian S. , 02/09/2019
Premier Dead Sea Night Cream Complex moisturizes and nourishes my skin very effectively while I sleep. When used in conjunction with the facial serum, which I apply a few times per week, it is even more wonderful. It is gentle to my face, and I have had no adverse reactions to it. I am allergic to most of the facial moisturizers on the market, but this moisturizer is very natural and leaves my skin feeling great.
Doesn’t feel oily
  • REVIEWED BY Sheryl K. , 01/25/2019
Even though it contains multiple types of oil, it doesn’t feeloily at all when I apply. In fact, I’ve never felt more comfortable while applying an oil-based cosmetic product before. This has made the difference. It has helped prevent my breakouts as well since I’ve been applying no other product on my skin for months now.
Excellent customer service
  • REVIEWED BY Pat Y. , 01/20/2019
There was an issue with the moisturizer cream (leaked out from the plastic seal). I notified the vendor, there was no conflict or question, I was notified that I would be receiving a new product in the mail within the week, which is exactly what happened! I will continue to purchase my future Dead Sea Products from them without exception! Great Customer Service, Outstanding!
Eliminates minute lines
  • REVIEWED BY Teri Arnold , 01/17/2019
This cream is pretty cool for a night treatment. It sinks into my skin fast and absolute best when I sleep. I'd recommend this cream on to anyone with wrinkles and a minute lines. I have no doubt on that, and it's one of my best picks.
Leaves your skin moisturized
  • REVIEWED BY Jennie Kelly , 01/07/2019
My skin is quite dry and I had tried many night creams in the past but nothing had worked for me. I had also started noticing fine lines and wrinkles on my face. I was beginning to feel nervous about skin aging and then a friend suggested me to use this cream and I am glad I listened to her. My skin is always hydrated now and it also looks quite shiny. My skin also feels fresh and beautiful. I love this product and will buy it again.
Better than the rest
  • REVIEWED BY Sara Margie , 01/05/2019
Excellent product, i have used always the best products for my skin but this is superior to all the ones y know.
Very practical
  • REVIEWED BY Stafford J. , 01/01/2019
I have been using the Premier Line of Moisturizers& cleansers for less than a year now. I have always prided myself on using what I thought were quality products on my face, yet with constantuse, my skin has improved in texture, reduction in broken capillaries & fine lines. In fact, I'm wearing less makeup now in my late 50's than I did when I was in my twenties!
Just WOW
  • REVIEWED BY Elaine E. , 12/30/2018
I started out by getting pulled in to one of those kiosks at the Mall. I practically pleaded with these folks to let me go and I didn't want to spend any money. Boy, am I glad this was a HARD sell. I've used the starter kit and now trying out all the other fine items by Premier. I'm telling you ladies, 6 months into this and I'll never use anything else. My wrinkles are gone, my face is one color with the addition of a natural pink tint to my cheeks. (no blush needed) This is what healthy 20 plus skin is supposed to look like. Ladies I'm 50 plus, and my face truly looks like I'm 30 again. I wish I could model my face for this product.
Everyone should try this!
  • REVIEWED BY Ann Delapaz , 12/22/2018
I really enjoy this product. I use the Premier facial wash at night, and then I use this product. My face looks so vibrant after using it. I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone.
Instant results
  • REVIEWED BY Michele Leung , 12/16/2018
I have only used it for a week and I am already loving the results. However, I need to see if it's good enough for winter. Will update if anything changes.
I love it
  • REVIEWED BY Irene White , 12/11/2018
The nighttime Premier complex is a wonderful component to my skincare regime. When I wake up in the morning my skin is moist and looks refreshed. It is obvious when I wash my face in the morning that there is still product working on my skin by the way my skin feels. I recommend this product line to anyone who is wanting their skin to be well hydrated, moisturized without feeling too greasy/gooey.
Consistent results
  • REVIEWED BY Susana R , 12/06/2018
Been using these products for three years and they have never, not once, failed. I am very pleased!
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