Original Dead Sea Products

Good skincare products are hard to come by. While Dead Sea Premier has spoken out for the quality of our products with our strict standards and procedures, it isn’t enough for us to just say that we hold ourselves to a high standard. We judge the quality of our items based on the reception of the masses and of the critics who hold quality and skincare to a high esteem. Premier Dead Sea has won awards from critics across the globe, but one speaks to us the most in regards to our superior quality.

In the home of our headquarters, the Israeli title of the Good Quality Mark was awarded to Premier Dead Sea by the Manufacturers Association of Israel and by the Israeli Cosmetics Industries Association.  This prestigious award is presented to skincare and cosmetic companies founded, developed, and manufactured in Israel. This award is only given to those who represent what true quality and good business is. Dead Sea Premier is humbled and proud that this award is ours.

Our good quality comes from our strict ethics. We are one of only two companies that have access to the Dead Sea as we harvest from the waters responsibly. While milling the precious salts, water, black mud and Dunaliella seaweed of the Dead Sea, we take care to leave the beautiful sea as just as we found it so the natural wonder is left intact. We also only harvest botanicals that are naturally raised and harvested. All extracts and essential oils are cold-pressed to ensure that they are in the purest that ingredients can be. Aside from what we prefer to harvest and how we harvest it, we also have a choice in what we refuse to use. Premier Dead Sea products are developed without the use of animal testing and we don’t use animal ingredients in any of our formulas.

Thanks to our team of world-class scientists and our state-of-the-art laboratories, we’ve been able to create our innovative line.  The scientific research team behind Premier Dead Sea has been applying the finest knowledge to our Dead Sea product line development for over 20 years.  Despite finding renowned success with the Premier Dead Sea line, our scientists never stop in their quest for better results. 


With the wisdom of nature and state-of-the-art technology, Premier Dead Sea continues to be the leading Dead Sea brand with the finest ingredients and botanicals, Dead Sea minerals, and the advancement of the world’s finest scientists.