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Para-Pharmaceutical Facial Exfoliating Gel



This 5.5 pH balanced soap-less facial cleanser is rich with therapeutic essential oils, fruit grains and Dead Sea minerals. It is suitable for all skin types. The gel removes impurities as well as cleans and balances the skin’s tissues. Dermatologically tested.

spread on wet face, massage gently and wash away with warm water. Avoid from getting product into the eyes, if you do rinse thoroughly with water.

It eliminated rashes on my cheeks
  • REVIEWED BY Kinley , 06/14/2019
My dermatologist advised me to use this product. I was having some rushes on my cheeks, but they disappeared after using this gel for three weeks. Sometimes I use it to remove makeups every evening. Although I have never used any other facial exfoliating gel, I am confident that this one is one of the best in the market.
Gives me a soft baby skin
  • REVIEWED BY Maci , 04/10/2019
I ordered this product online and received it within two days. It was a complete package just like they promised. I have been using it as per the instructions by the manufacturer. Many people have told me that my skin is baby soft. I feel so good and encouraged to use it even more. I just love everything about it, from the packaging to the quality.
interesantes productos
  • REVIEWED BY anonimo , 04/02/2019
es muy interesante este producto sera de buena calidad
It removes dead skin
  • REVIEWED BY Joy , 03/01/2019
I was introduced to this product when doing my usual rounds in a mall. It removed dead skin and impurities that I never thought I had from my face. My skin felt so smooth. I have been using it regularly to maintain clean, soft skin. I also appreciate the fact that it is dermatologically tested.
Will never use anything else.
  • REVIEWED BY Diana L , 05/08/2018
I brought this once at the mall, and have never used anything else since. It works great. It last me at less a year and that's because you never have to use a lot of it, and not all the time. best product. ever! would recommend a 100 times over to friends and family members! I give this stuff an A++
Just started
  • REVIEWED BY Latavia Young , 06/07/2016
I've just purchased this and I am excited to see what it does for me tonight when I use it for the first time!
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