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Pearl Whitening Reflecting Cream Complex



An exceptionally multi-protective gentle pearl powder mixed in a secret process formula with effective secret whitening herbs and liposome complex of vitamins and natural plant extracts. When over exposed to sunlight, the skin defends itself by producing more melanin, a dark pigment. Cell renewal is disrupted and dark pigment builds up in small freckles and uneven sunspots trapped on the skin’s surface. Our secret formula helps to achieve a unified clearer, lighter skin appearance, gradually with use, freckles and sunspots lighten for a more unified appearance.

Massage the mineral oily bar over damp face as though it was a bar of soap, rinse off and pat dry. Apply the cream massaging in with soft, circular movements onto dark spots and onto your face. Prevent sun exposure, and apply sun screen on top when going out during the day.

Results very impressive
  • REVIEWED BY Riley , 06/03/2019
I don?t think I will ever use any other product after the fantastic results am experiencing after using this anti-aging supplement. Everybody is impressed with my youthful and smooth skin only after one month of using this product. I am so happy that I have a great friend who suggested this product.
It?s a Five-star for me
  • REVIEWED BY Zoey B , 05/26/2019
I have used many skin whitening reflecting creams products, but this one has been amazing so far. The price is also not so bad compared to some products which are too expensive and they don?t deliver. I can strongly recommend any lady to try this out. It works perfectly.
Easy to use and it delivers
  • REVIEWED BY Roz C , 03/21/2019
I don?t like following complicated procedures even if I need to have a smooth and young looking skin. This products covered all my desires from improving my skin and looks to giving me an easy way of attaining my skin goals. I only apply it twice a day and am loving the results am enjoying today.
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