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Professional Peeling Mask



A new-generation peeling treatment that contains 19 coordinated ingredients specially formulated to regenerate and activate skin cells of women over 30. After the treatment, the skin looks flexible and light wrinkles lessen. Contains a special gel that captures the oxygen into your skin.

up to twice a week, after thorough cleansing massage gently a thin layer of mask. Wait for ten minutes and gently buff off with fingertips. Rinse face and apply facial gel from top of the lid.

  • REVIEWED BY Andrea Alvarado , 05/06/2019
This peel is the one! It makes my skin so soft and smooth, and every cream or serum applied afterwards absorbs much much better. It’s long lasting and awesome.
Good for sensitive skin
  • REVIEWED BY Norma P. , 05/01/2019
I have sensitive skin and tend to break out easily, this peeling has cleared up my skin, its gentle and effective.
Life changing
  • REVIEWED BY Beverly H. , 04/03/2019
I rarely write reviews, but this facial peeling has really changed my life. I was struggling with oily, acnetic and sensitive skin and have tried many other products. This peeling really makes a difference, it really cleans and clears the skin of impurities, prevents breakouts and controls excess oil. The difference in skin can be seen immediately after the first application. I will continue to purchase this peeling for the rest of my life.
Makes my skin soft and smooth
  • REVIEWED BY Demi , 03/26/2019
I bought this product at a discount a few months ago. I was excited to use it for the first time. It makes my skin smooth and soft. I complete my treatment a facial gel and serum from the same brand for perfect results. Very useful and lasts long. Anyone struggling with damaged and aging skin should try this stuff.
Amazingly rejuvenates skin
  • REVIEWED BY Maia , 03/05/2019
I enjoy a professional facial treatment at home courtesy off Professional peeling mask. I am 50, but most people would think I am 20 years younger. It has reduced the appearance of wrinkles on my face and renewed my skin. I use it twice every week, and the professional results go a long way. I am eager to see how it will rejuvenate my mom?s skin.
Alleviates aging signs effortlessly
  • REVIEWED BY Lilith , 03/03/2019
Professional peeling mask is my latest best skin care product. It renews my skin and alleviates aging signs effortlessly. Every treatment feels like a visit to the spa. It rinses off the skin fast, unlike other masks I have used in the past. Its quality matches its price
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