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Refining Moisture Cream



A multi task, gentle moisturizing cream specially formulated to treat the skin for a youthful appearance. Helps to condition and rebalance the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft.

Apply onto clean skin and massage gently in soft circular motions until absorbed.

Works magic
  • REVIEWED BY Anaya Kieran , 04/15/2019
It is an innovative product that works magic on my skin. It helps me retain my natural beauty without hassle. In fact, I don’t need to put on makeup as long as I have applied it to my face. I am fully satisfied with it.
Keeps my makeups in place
  • REVIEWED BY Madelyn , 04/15/2019
This moisture keeps my makeups in place. I apply it on my face every morning before adding makeups to prevent skin from drying. It also smells good not like some stuff I was using before. If you are looking for something that will hydrate your skin and go a long way, then try this product. It will not disappoint you.
Best ever
  • REVIEWED BY Jazmin Russel , 04/07/2019
Refining Moisture Cream moisturizes and refreshed my face in a super-amazing way. It makes my skin have a lovely radiance all day long. I’ll order it again next week as mine is almost running out. The best cream ever!
Beautiful Product
  • REVIEWED BY Sharon Auerbach , 04/01/2019
I purchased this product whilst I was in Hawaii in 2015. The salesman was very friendly but very convincing, he knew his product well. I was skeptical of his sales pitch but purchased the product. I am so glad I did. I have never used a more beautiful moisture cream before. It feels like velvet on your skin and you really don't need much for each application. Please don't ever stop producing this wonderful product.
One year of excellence
  • REVIEWED BY Iris Ford , 03/21/2019
This is an excellent product that I have used for the last one year and still counting. Its awesome moisturizing effect is what I look forward to every morning and evening when I apply it to my skin. I’m very thankful because it has helped me regain a youthful soft skin.
The best for me
  • REVIEWED BY Emely D. , 03/18/2019
I wouldn’t switch for any other moisture cream. Refining Moisture Cream offers all that I need from an excellent product for a perfect complexion. Having used it for six months and seen a great transformation of my skin during the period, I have no doubt that it is the best for me.
It has changed my skin
  • REVIEWED BY Charlie C. , 03/16/2019
I can’t thank the store attendant who introduced me to this cream enough. The moment I started to use it marked the genesis of a new life of my skin. It has never been the same again since then. It feels fresher, smoother, softer and appears/feels better moisturized progressively.
Excellent moisturizer
  • REVIEWED BY Caitlin Shaw , 02/28/2019
Refining Moisture Cream is an excellent moisturizer. It is rare to find a cream that’s both first-rate and affordable but fortunately, this one possesses the qualities. I have seen and felt a significant difference in my skin within the five weeks that I have been using it.
I am grateful for this product
  • REVIEWED BY Elena , 02/28/2019
This moisture cream always gives me exceptional results. It keeps my skin well hydrated and supple all day. Regardless of the weather condition, my face always looks good. I have used many skin care products since my 20s, and I can confidently say that this is on the list of my best products. I am also happy that I receive my package within a short period after making orders online.
I have regained my youthful skin
  • REVIEWED BY Quinn , 02/17/2019
I first used this product last summer at my sister?s house. The experience was great, so I thought of using it even more. It has been five months of good youthful skin. I look more of a diva instead of just a woman in her 40s. The refining moisture cream is now my new skin care partner.
A worthy purchase
  • REVIEWED BY Skye Jones , 02/03/2019
In my own opinion, this is the best cream on the market. Unlike other creams that I have used, it is not heavy and is easily absorbable by the skin. Another huge plus for the product is that it contains natural ingredients and so, it doesn’t cause a skin irritation. It is a worthy buy.
My daily cream
  • REVIEWED BY Kadence Wheeler , 02/02/2019
I truly love this Premier Dead Sea’s moisture cream. It is fairly priced and doesn’t disappoint. Its application is quite easy; just clean and dry your skin and then apply and gently massage in this cream (in circular motions) onto the skin. Doing so on a daily has helped me have an ever-beautifully soft, smooth and radiant skin free from fine lines.
A very nice product
  • REVIEWED BY Kyra F. , 01/31/2019
I found this product as I was flipping through Premier Dead Sea’s website. After reading its description, I decided to try it because that it would address my need-a product that would moisturize and soften my skin. I’m very excited as I write this because the cream has truly refined my skin, even more than I expected.
It glows my skin
  • REVIEWED BY Addisyn Donaldson , 01/22/2019
I love this product and that’s why I have stuck with it for months. It makes my skin glow like a baby’s and tones my skin incredibly. It gives me all the reasons to buy it without minding its price.
I would highly recommend it
  • REVIEWED BY Gemma L. , 01/18/2019
I’ve been using this cream for two weeks and I have already started to see some positive changes on my skin. It can feel some extra softness and notice extraordinary radiance. I’m a happy customer. I would highly recommend the product.
It is the best
  • REVIEWED BY Finley Hamilton , 01/17/2019
This is an all-time moisture cream for my mom and I. we mostly like it because it is light and very effective, besides being very friendly to our skins. We can’t ask for a better cream. This one has us fully covered.
Moisturizes well
  • REVIEWED BY Dayana Lawson , 01/06/2019
I always apply Refining Moisture Cream on my face before putting on makeup to protect my skin from dry out. It tightens my skin and keeps it healthy and beautiful all the time. It smells nice too. If you are looking for a cream that can moisturize your dry skin excellently, then just be sure that you cannot go wrong with Refining Moisture Cream.
I like it
  • REVIEWED BY Brylee Nichols , 01/04/2019
I’m 41 years old but many people think that I’m not past 35, thanks to Refining Moisture Cream. I love the way it spreads silkily and the how it leaves my skin well moisturized for a day-long glow.
I’m in love with it
  • REVIEWED BY Hayley Tee , 01/01/2019
One of the many things that make me fall in love with this cream is the fact that it is smooth and not heavy. Its unmatched moisturizing benefit is also a big plus. I only wish there could be a store or mall near me selling it since I currently buy it online.
Great product
  • REVIEWED BY Sage W. , 01/01/2019
I like it. It is lightweight and a great moisturizer. I have been using it for almost one and a half years. It keeps my face smooth and soft. Unlike other creams that make one look greasy, this is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving one with an alluring radiant look. It is a great product.
It is part of my daily routine
  • REVIEWED BY Jaelyn S. , 12/31/2018
I recommend this cream to anyone who wants to maintain their natural beauty. It moisturizes my skin so well that I don’t need any other product to tone it. I apply it each morning and evening after taking a shower. It is an excellent product.
Five stars
  • REVIEWED BY Kenzie Graham , 12/25/2018
Thank you to the maker of this product. I love it very much and would give it a 5-star rating anytime. I have used for years and it is the reason why I look younger than my actual age. It supplies my skin with the essential nutrients it needs for proper elasticity and hydration. It is my most favourite.
  • REVIEWED BY Zariah H. , 12/23/2018
I use the cream regularly and it always gives me fantastic results. It is wonderful.
I bought this cream on the eve of my wedding day. It made me rock like a diva during the d-day but my experience with it didn’t end then because I still use it up to date. My husband makes sure I don’t lack it. I give it credit for my soft and radiant complexion.
Easy to use and very effective
  • REVIEWED BY Liana P. , 12/11/2018
I am amazed by how Refining moisture cream keeps my skin supple throughout the day, regardless of the prevailing season. Additionally, it is easy to massage and gives my skin a divine velvet feel. I’m glad because a store that was opened recently in my neighbourhood sells it. Now I don’t have to buy the cream online.
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