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Satin Wear Lipcolor



A shiny, smooth lipstick that dresses lips in deep colors, as soft and comfortable as velvet.

Apply directly to the lips.

Great texture, gorgeous color
  • REVIEWED BY Davina , 06/07/2019
My love for Satin wear lipcolor-paradisio is beyond words. The color is gorgeous, and the texture is excellent. It keeps my lips beautiful all day long. I get compliments daily on how amazing my lips look. It is soft and comfortable. My boyfriend says I look good in it. I can?t wait to see my sister?s look in this incredible, high-quality lipstick.
Excellent texture!
  • REVIEWED BY Jane , 05/28/2019
I love the way this lipstick feels on the lips. Before I got introduced to this lipstick, I hated wearing one because I always had some sticky feeling. Nowadays, I cannot spend a day without it. Its soft texture makes me feel comfortable in it all day, and I barely notice that I have lipstick on. The Satin Wear Lipcolor is the way to go.
Very good
  • REVIEWED BY Ella D. , 05/05/2019
Excellent color payoff with a good creamy application.
  • REVIEWED BY Lola Thompson , 05/01/2019
It doesn’t dry up my lips and leave
Very creamy texture, I use the rouge and lust, one for going out and one for daily use. It’s a great longwearing lipstick.
  • REVIEWED BY Lola , 04/24/2019
Love the color and feel of this lipstick!
  • REVIEWED BY Griffin Eileen , 04/20/2019
I am totally in love, this shade is absolutely gorgeous. The formula is one of the most gentle I've ever encountered, it doesn't sink into my lip lines or dries up... It wears very comfortably, and applies very easily.
Creamy and settles on my lips perfectly
  • REVIEWED BY Laney , 04/01/2019
I hardly step out of my house before applying lipstick. I love the color and the feel of this product. It is creamy and settles on my lips perfectly. It does not fade during the day or even dry up my lips. I have been using it daily since last December. I have also recommended it to my girls; they did not hesitate to make a purchase. My best lipstick ever!
High quality, great finish
  • REVIEWED BY Candice H. , 03/28/2019
I LOVE this color - paradisio - a beautiful deep classic red berry that’s perfect for daily use. The color is long lasting, and moisturizing, without the bad taste lipsticks typically have.
I received several compliments on my first day of wear - the color and formula are really top notch.
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