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 The Dead Sea is talked about as if it’s a legend with all of the mystifying properties that it possesses. Being such a precious resource, the Dead Sea has also been fought over for centuries, and now it is a protected landmark by the several countries that surround it. The materials that come from the Dead Sea have seemingly enigmatic qualities for the circumstances that they possess. The briny sea is rich in minerals, containing 300% more magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, and bromide than the rest of the seas and oceans of the world. While the waters are too hostile for most life, it’s a valuable resource for health… And for beauty.

Dead Sea skin care is often talked about, yet rarely utilized in the cosmetic industry since the Dead Sea is such a precious resource. The elite of the Ancient Romans and the royalty of the Egyptian Empire coveted the Dead Sea for beauty and health purposes as honing the elements of the sea salt, black mud, and water reared miraculous results.

The last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra VII, conquered the Egyptian Empire and territories surrounding it. The Dead Sea, however, was her ultimate prize. Finding that a simple dip into the ocean left her rejuvenated and renewed, she set to acquire the Dead Sea for herself. She built the world’s first spas in the sea and brought home cases and vases of the Dead Sea salt, water, and black mineral mud to add to her skincare routine.

Now, the Dead Sea still holds its famed reputation, but it is a protected resource. Premier Dead Sea is one of the only brands that responsibly harvests from the Dead Sea. This means that we take the mine the elements of the sea in ways that leave the sea virtually untouched to ensure that future generations can marvel in the splendors that the sea has to offer.

The Premier Dead Sea brand is developed and innovated by the world’s finest scientists, honing the properties that the Dead Sea has to offer in skincare. Millions across the globe have found that Premier Dead Sea can renew their appearances the same way the Dead Sea renewed Cleopatra’s.

Unlike anything ever imagined, Premier Dead Sea gives results that astound and amazing all kinds of people. The elements of Premier Dead Sea can defy the signs of aging, treat skin disorders, smooth skin, and change the overall health with chronic pain. With the wonders of nature and the world’s best scientists, Premier Dead Sea is the world’s leading Dead Sea brand.