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It is the mission of Premier Dead Sea to provide top-of-the-line skincare made from sources of the Dead Sea. Taking all of the mythological powers that the Dead Sea has, the world’s finest scientists have been able to capture the secrets of the Dead Sea, the wisdom of nature, and the advancement of science.

The Premier Dead Sea philopshy is run on the principle that science combined with nature can make luxurious skincare. Premier prides itself in the effective treatments and quality that has been recognized and received all over the globe for 20 years.

We’re always pleased and proud when we hear that we’ve been changing the outlook of skincare. Listed below is the feedback that we receive from satisfied customers.

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Елена С.
Роскошный набор для ногтей - Молоко и мед
Спасибо огромное за великолепный набор и подарки к нему! Сказать, что была удивлена - это не сказать ничего... Вы меня поразили!
Набором воспользовалась в день получения и была в восторге. Очень понравились крема - ощущения необычные. Раньше никогда ничего подобного не испытывал. Они не остаются на поверхности...
Крема, которыми пользовалась ранее, с Вашими не сравняться! Они оставались на поверхности кожи длительное время и впитывались лишь на % на 30, не более. Нанеся такой крем, приходилось отказаться от домашних дел или снимать излишки с кожи ватными дисками.
Ваша продукция удивила с первых дней!
Очень надеюсь на дальнейшее сотрудничество, не смотря на срок доставки длиною в месяц!
Хочу ещё опробовать Ваши чудесные средства!
Ещё раз благодарю Вас от всего сердца.
Nail Kits
I have been using my nail kit and I absolutely love it!!!
Virginia Wright
Great line of skin care
This is the best skin care line I ever used, Love It
Products that actually work
I've been using the eye cream and eye serum for 2 years and I can honesty say that they work. You can really see the difference !
Ace SMART neck
Just received sample 0f ace smart for the neck. What a special product. Have been placing on my upper lip and to my surprise the lines have receeded and now smooth.
Susan Fuelling
Premier Dead Sea products
Hello to every body especially INNA my best ,best seller of PREMIER DEAD SEA products.
So patient and nice answering and advising me with each product i get
I' m so hook with this company
Each day the first thing i do when am with my I pod check the website.
I dont want to miss any promotion
My best is the serum for the eyes and face.Uauu!!!!
billy john
like that shaving cream
yo guys havr the coolest shaving cream in the world//love it/
Sharon M.
The Miracle Noir Mask really is a miracle. I love that it leaves behind those essential oils, and it helps with my redder skin.
Eileen Purnell McAfee
Exfoliating and Cleansing Facial Gel is wonderful. I have had very porous skin before using the face gel. I started using the gel in July 2008 and my face has done a 360 degree turn in a couple months. My face has become much smoother and my acne is all cleared. I will always use Dead Sea Premier products. Thanks for my new face!!! (Dark marks are lighter too)!!!!
Angelica Harvey
My husband and I shop online for our cosmetic products from your website. He had a problem with razor burns after shaving but the Homme Aftershave helped him a lot. I personally all my body creams from your website and I look way younger than I actually am.
Pearl Pearson
The nail kit did wonders for my nails and cuticles! I can’t get mine done because I never have time, but I’m glad that I can treat myself from home. The nail oil has a light, pleasant feel to it, and the hand cream leaves my hands sooooooooo soft.
Ruth Kelly
I love these products my skin looks so smooth now and it feels so soft. I started using the wrinkle filler and it really makes a difference.
Rogers Lydia
What I like most about Premier is that they offer convenient shopping options. I don’t have to drive to the mall to get my favorite Shampoo or Body cream. I just log in online or make a call to place an order. CONVENIENT!
Natasha С.
My internet connection at home was having a problem and I couldn’t walk to the store to physically buy the Beautifying Luxury Nail set. I made a call to place an order and it was delivered in no time. Thanks Dan for helping me out so quickly!