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Champú anti-aging con aceite de argán. Champú anti-aging con aceite de argán. Para el cabello delicado y fino



Está formula única contra la caída del cabello, contiene minerales del mar muerto, aceite de argán y otros ingredientes anti-aging combinados con la mezcla secreta crsfo que ayuda a mejorar la defensas contra la caída del cabello y contra el resquebrajamiento. Deja el cabello balanceado, fuerte y saludable.

bata el cabello antes de la aplicación, humedézcalo, extienda el champú, espere uno o dos minutos y luego enjuáguelo. Repita el procedimiento en caso que sea necesario. Se puede usar diariamente.

Highly recommend
  • REVISADO POR Carol , 05/06/2019
I have lots of problems with my hair; sometimes it just falls off, and others break while I'm combing it. Sometime back I was forced to shave it, but now since I bought this shampoo, I have a healthier looking hair which grows balanced fuller and stronger.
Fantastic hair shampoo
  • REVISADO POR Samantha , 14/04/2019
I purchased this product over a month ago and started washing my hair regularly with it. I love its age-defying ingredients which give my hair a stronger look as well as prevents it from falling off. My colleagues ask me what I use to maintain my hair so correctly, and when I tell them its this shampoo, they mostly don't believe me.
Best shampoo I have ever tried
  • REVISADO POR Mercy , 26/03/2019
Lately, I have had a lot of trouble with my hair falling off and being in my late 50s; there is no real surprise there. I wanted something that could at least minimize the rate at which my hair was falling off and luckily I bought this shampoo. It has done a fantastic job, and I have to say I'll be making another purchase soon.
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