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Exfoliante de sales aromáticas del Mar Muerto





Estos cristales de sales naturales del Mar Muerto, absorbidos en una mezcla de aceites aromáticos cuidadosamente seleccionados, enriquece tu piel con minerales vitales del Mar Muerto. Los aceites aromáticos otorgan a tu piel humedad, nutrición y una sensación sedosa. Aroma exótico.

Very effective at removing dead skin
  • REVISADO POR Iris , 22/06/2019
If you are looking for something effective at eliminating dead skin and softening skin, then you should think of Dead Sea aromatic salt scrub-breeze scent. My skin has totally changed within a short period. It is well hydrated and ever glowing. This stuff is one of the few products I would purchase for my best friend. I also love its smell. Cool product, affordable price. Don?t hesitate to try it out.
Reliable body scrub
  • REVISADO POR Alexis , 14/06/2019
Reasonable price, decently sized jar. A little amount is enough to get a good scrub. A lady at a mall in the UK convinced me to purchase this product. I was looking for a reliable body scrub. I have never regretted investing in this product. I give my body a silk sensation while eliminating dead skin and leave a little oil to moisturize my skin. It smells great too.
Amazing stuff worth a purchase
  • REVISADO POR Sydney , 25/04/2019
This product is fantastic; I had to write a review. I have been using it for approximately one year now, and it has served me just right. Initially, I had a dry and rough skin that easily cracked during winter. Luckily I saw an advert of this product online and made a purchase. A few treatments and my skin looked great. All the dead skin is off, and my skin is smooth and soft. I have not seen cracked skin for months. This product is amazing. I think I will purchase more from the same brand.
Silk Sensation
  • REVISADO POR Simona , 22/04/2019
5 Stars
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