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Crema humectante





Una sola rutina con doble funci?n, esta crema revive y equilibra la piel desde adentro. Se combina con jojoba, la joya del desierto y otras 17 plantas regionales del Mar Muerto. Un humectante natural que ayuda a reabastecer la piel y aumenta su elasticidad y firmeza.

My face looks younger and smooth
  • REVISADO POR Jordyn , 31/05/2019
My face has not been giving me the looks I need, and I could not leave my house without applying make-ups. After using this product for less than six weeks, I can even go to work without applying any other beauty product. My face looks younger, smoother, and firmer than before.
Lovely product
  • REVISADO POR Finley , 25/03/2019
I can?t believe now I have smooth and soft skin without undergoing any plastic surgery. The wrinkles that were giving me sleepless nights are now fading away. This an amazing product that deserves a 5-star rating or more if it was possible. Make your order now, and you will never regret it.
Keeps my skin moisturized the whole day
  • REVISADO POR Ac A , 12/02/2019
First, my order was delivered within two days, and I was grateful for the quick delivery, and this product quality outplays the quantity. After using it for two weeks, my skin has seen tremendous improvement and is now glowing and smooth.
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