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Mousse suave y espumante para limpieza facial





Esta espuma suave y liviana limpia y purifica la piel, ayudando a aumentar la hidratación natural. Enriquecida con los minerales del Mar Muerto, limpia suavemente y purifica la piel proporcionándole una sensación sedosa. Adecuada para todo tipo de piel.

humedezca su cara con agua tibia y aplique una pequeña cantidad de la espuma de limpieza en sus manos. Limpie subiendo desde el cuello hasta la línea del cabello en un movimiento circular. Enjuague con agua tibia y seque suavemente con toques ligeros.

My long awaited product
  • REVISADO POR Vera , 04/05/2019
I keep trying different cleansers for my face but this one has done the best. I saw how it transformed my sister?s face and I had to try it. I am so pleased by the results from this product. I also like it because it is affordable and it is working greatly. I can recommend it for anyone.
Completes my look
  • REVISADO POR Whitney , 27/04/2019
This is my long waited product. I have been looking for such a product for a long time and I have finally found it. The cleanser has a lovely smell and a nice texture. I feel so nice after using this product. It makes my face look younger and beautiful
Pleased with the results
  • REVISADO POR Tina , 26/02/2019
This product is all I needed for my face. I had tried some other products before but they weren?t helpful. It has softened my face within a short time of use. Its fragrance is also awesome. I think anyone looking for a good cleanser should have a try on this one.
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