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Polvo bronceador



Un bronceador radiante que se desliza sobre la superficie de la piel para un acabado suave, virtualmente radiante.

Aplique con una brocha y dé pinceladas sobre la piel, después de la base.

Great ingredients and color
  • REVISADO POR Mckenzie Sonya , 03/05/2019
I asked customer service for the ingredient list and as soon as I saw them I knew I had to buy it because it doesn’t contain any no nos, the color is great and very natural and creamy.
Good result
  • REVISADO POR Jenny , 29/04/2019
My face tends to get oily and becomes shiny as the day goes on ... but it doesn’t with this bronzer, maintains a natural look. I will buy it again.
Excellent product
  • REVISADO POR Teri K. , 08/04/2019
This is really a good bronzer and I am going to be using it from now on. Most bronzers end up getting all over your clothing and look orange when you apply but this one is very natural and feels velvet smooth.
I have just reordered this product
  • REVISADO POR Hope Brock , 28/03/2019
I love it, it is soft and glides on easy with a very natural beautiful glow.
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