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Suero BOTO avanzado - Age defying





La próxima generación en el cuidado de la piel en la búsqueda de una piel perfecta. Al impartir todos los beneficios de nuestra fórmula original, este producto para el cuidado de la piel precioso, potente, fortificado como un tratamiento profesional ofrece a la piel soluciones inmediatas en la batalla continua contra las marcas de expresión y las arrugas. Fortificada con una mezcla de péptidos, células madre vegetales y tensores de la piel.

aplica dos veces al día sobre la piel limpia.

Best anti-aging product
  • REVISADO POR Amina , 10/06/2019
This serum is the real deal when it comes to fighting wrinkles and expression marks. Looking at the photos, I took last year; I can't help but wonder why I didn?t start using it earlier. I looked old and tired, unlike today, when my skin looks tight, smooth, and much younger. I would suggest that you use it if you want to look twenty years younger.
I love the natural ingredients
  • REVISADO POR Clarice , 12/02/2019
My esthetician suggested that I should buy this due to its plant stem cell component, and I decided to give it a try. I have been using it diligently for the last two weeks, and I just noticed that the small lines around my eyes are fading. I know it sounds like magic but looking myself in the mirror, I couldn?t believe my eyes. I guess this is attributed to the natural ingredients that this product contains. I will rebuy it.
Fits well in my skin regimen
  • REVISADO POR Rozline P , 05/02/2019
I have been using this serum twice after I am done cleansing my skin, and I am reaping the fruits. Being a man, I rarely have so much time for my skin, but this one seems to be doing it all. It fits well in my short skincare routine and gives me beautiful skin. I am turning sixty-five this year, but the elasticity and texture of my skin are like that of a newborn.
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