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Base de fond de teint non grasse pour corriger la peau



Une base soyeuse qui glisse sur la peau et s'absorbe rapidement pour une meilleure hydratation. Contribue à la correction évidente des imperfections apparentes. Prépare la peau pour préserver un aspect naturel après l'application du fond de teint.

Appliquer sur le visage par mouvements circulaires.

Enhances complexion
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Cynthia Sandoval , 10/04/2019
In the past, I only used foundation when someone is doing it or when I am attending a special occasion. I am somehow lazy and hate that entire make up work. Someone managed to convince me to try this complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer. It was worth the trial. Its name does not lie; it enhances my complexion. Nowadays I use it daily; it does not take up much of my energy anyway.
Works on delicate skin
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Kay , 07/04/2019
I am not a foundation person, but I could not help but try this product. I watched my sister use it for two months without any adverse effects. It works so well with my oily skin and combats the shiny look I usually had. Although my skin is a bit delicate, I have not had any problems with this foundation. It is amazing!
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Janie B. , 29/03/2019
This foundation makes me feel more confident. It corrects uneven skin tone and creates a more polished version of the natural skin. Unlike other brands, this foundation is lightweight. Since my skin is oily, this foundation keeps the shine down, especially when I am walking under the sun. You can never miss this product in my makeup kit.
Second to none
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Barber Sadie , 25/03/2019
I have dabbled with different foundation brands, and none beats this product. I am not a make-up fun since most would make me look all made up, but this foundation is super light. It enhances my look and creates the best version of my natural skin; precisely what a foundation should do. I have been using it every morning for the last two months. So far so good!
It is my savior
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Kellie , 15/03/2019
I do not know much about other brands, but I am sure that complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer is a savior. Finally, I have managed to correct uneven skin tone after searching for a solution for months. I have only used it for one month, and I love everything about it. It stays on the skin for all hours of the day. It is just awesome!
A game changer
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Lila D. , 01/03/2019
This game-changing foundation is one of a kind. It can change any skin tone into something even and beautiful. My friends and I have been using it for some time now. It improves my complexion instantly. I highly recommend this product. However, do not forget to rub it thoroughly on the skin in circular motions for perfect results. I absolutely love it!
Very efficient
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Lena F. , 19/02/2019
This foundation is oil-free, and that means it is the perfect choice for ladies with oily skin, like me. After I learned about this product through my sister, I was hooked! Amazingly it blends well with the other makeups I use. It is now part of my makeup routine. I get compliments all the time from friends and workmates.
Best in the market
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Natasha Lowe , 12/02/2019
This is the best foundation in the market today. First, it does not give me a cakey face or feel dry and dense. Secondly, it does not fall off until you wipe it off in the evening. I stay in the office, walk under the sun or travel anywhere and remain beautiful all thanks to complexion enhancing oil free premier foundation.
Boosts confidence
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Darla Swanson , 08/02/2019
Foundation is one of the beauty products I can never go without. I still struggle with redness and scarring till date after suffering acne sometimes in the past. Achieving a smooth, even tone complexion boosts my confidence big time. Complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer has made it possible. It works better on my skin than other brands I have tried. I highly recommend this product.
No side effects
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Lora M. , 03/02/2019
This high-quality foundation is currently the best I have ever used. I can see a change whenever I use it. Although I am a bit lazy at applying makeups, the results I get from using this foundation motivate me. I can easily manipulate it to get a pretty look. I started using it a few weeks ago, and I have no complaints.
Blends easily
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Mendez Ann , 02/02/2019
This foundation is a perfect match for my skin type; it blends easily. My face looks more uniform and smoother. No lousy skin days when using this foundation, and if the skin is terrible, no one can tell. Almost everyone I meet says something positive about my skin. I was introduced to this foundation by my best friend; it looks good on her too.
High quality foundation
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Leona Pratt , 31/01/2019
I am 60 years old, and I believe my review will be of much help to many. I have used to make up for most of my adult years. I love this foundation. It covers well; it is lightweight and lasts for hours. At my age, I need something that will enhance my complexion and make me look younger. I highly recommend complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer to every lady who wants to look beautiful.
Never disappoints
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Ida Riley , 27/01/2019
I bought complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer after reading positive customer reviews on the internet. I was a bit skeptical when using it for the first time, but to my surprise, it worked well with my skin. It gives my skin an instant glow that lasts for hours. I plan on buying another package for my daughter. Such great stuff!
Corrects uneven skin tone
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Lynn W. , 22/01/2019
This foundation is so smooth. It glides on well and enhances the natural skin glow. I received it from my sister two months ago. This was the best gift of the month. It amazingly corrects my uneven skin tone. Among the many makeup products I have used in the past, this one is the best. I will get a package for my mother very soon.
Gives a glowing skin
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Casey , 18/01/2019
I rarely wear foundation since I find most of the brands too heavy and much effort needed when applying. However, once in a while, I do use it. One makeup artist used complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer on me and the results were thrilling. Compliments from my friends about my new glowing skin inspired me to continue using the foundation. Of late I have been applying it every morning.
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Byrd Cathy , 17/01/2019
I have been using foundation since college from different companies. Most were not satisfactory. I blessed the day I lay my hands on complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer. It changes my look instantly, and it is easy to apply. My face does not cake or look flaky and dry. I wear it to work and other places I visit. It is worth every penny.
Covers skin defects
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Krystal Carpenter , 07/01/2019
Complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer covers all skin defects with an excellent dewy finish. It does not feel or look bulky. I have been using it daily for two weeks and no side effects like rashes or itchy skin. It has adapted to my facial movements while giving strong coverage. Every lady out there should do away with the “cakey” foundations and try out this product.
Perfect for oily skin
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Pearl H. , 24/12/2018
The good thing about this foundation is that it does not go dry or give a matte finish. It effortlessly hides every skin sin from acne to uneven tone. It gives me the best smooth complexion ever. I look good all day in this foundation without breaking a sweat. All oily skin ladies should try it out. It is a great product.
Stays on skin for hours
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Deborah S. , 23/12/2018
This foundation lasts for many hours or instead all hours I am out of the house. It prevents that annoying shine I get with my oily skin. Most people would not tell that I am wearing the foundation; it melts perfectly into the skin. It does not settle on wrinkles or fine lines. I have only used it for three weeks, but it is worth using for more weeks months or even years.
Improves natural skin appearance
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Ginger , 02/12/2018
I am highly dependent on complexion enhancing oil free foundation primer when attending special occasions. It works well with my oily skin and stays in place longer than you would expect. I do not use it as a cover-up; I just need something that improves y natural skin appearance. Good thing this foundation is lightweight, so I do not feel like I have a second skin layer on my face.
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