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Sérum Anti-rides Contour des Yeux



Cette composition secréte d’ingrédients actifs apaisants cible particuliérement la zone fragile du contour des yeux. Elle exerce une triple action raffermissante de rajeunissement, miniaturisation et prévention des rides. Ce sérum unique remodèle et hydrate la peau, ce qui crée un effet lifting.

Appliquer autour des yeux tous les jours, le matin et le soir, en mouvements circulaires. La crème contour des yeux peut être appliquée après l’application du fluide.

It is worth every coin
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Itzel , 02/05/2019
I was developing some wrinkles around the eye area. I thought they would fade in a few weeks with the help of some skincare products I bought. Unfortunately, nothing changed even after spending a fortune. Before giving up, I decided to try this Eye Serum, and it worked. In a few days, the wrinkles had started to disappear. My skin looks youthful and healthy. This product was worth my money.
Lifts sagging skin
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Phoebbe , 20/04/2019
I use my Eye serum every morning and evening. It lifts sagging skin around the eye and combat aging signs. It does not itch like some creams I used back then. It seems to do everything I want ? good value for my money.
It does not harm or irritate my eyes
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Ada , 17/04/2019
My sister gave me this Eye serum last year. She convinced that it would help eliminate wrinkles around my eyes. I used it, and it gave excellent results. Wrinkles were adding, and my skin became firm. I love my rejuvenated skin. I bought one for my mother; she looks younger. It does not harm my eye.
Worth the price, and more!
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Alexandra D. , 25/03/2019
This product is worth the price! Best serum I have ever used/tired and I have tried every name brand out there! Goes on so light and smooth. I have not seen this kind of results with any other product line.
I wasn’t going to… but I am glad I did
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Regina N. , 23/03/2019
I use this product once or twice a day; definitely at bedtime and me have found the skin around my eyes very soft and the little lines are really less noticeable. For me, this product works.
Lasts a long time
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Karen W. , 13/03/2019
I have been using this for years and people always mention how my eyes look. This is not an overnight fix. I just ordered another bottle as just a little dab every day lasts a long time.
I love this eye serum
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Lauren Farino-Becker , 08/03/2019
Love this eye serum. Provides a good serum base, but you will need to add an additional eye "cream" to the eye area to really receive the full intended result.
Best birthday gifts
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Vivian Turner , 06/03/2019
I’ve never really relied on cosmetic products before, so I was very dubious when a friend gave me this eye serum as a gift for my birthday. I couldn’t thank her enough once I’ve given it a try, though, since I saw wondrous results in an instant! This is certainly the product to get if you want long-lasting youthful eyes that are free from any form of wrinkles.
Has taken off years
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Malory , 01/03/2019
On my second bottle. The lines around my eyes are barely noticeable now (I'm 59 and a sun person). It is awesome. The bottle comes in dispenses too much with even a small pump. I transferred to a smaller bottle with a little pump dispenser. Works just great. Highly recommend this product.
Works for my whole face
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Mary E. Wilson , 28/02/2019
know it's supposed to be for the eye area, but I put it all over my face. It seems to have helped minimize the appearance of the pores on my face. Not sure if it's supposed to work that way, but I love this stuff, and won't be without it!
Exceptional value for your money
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Brandy J. , 19/02/2019
I really, really like this serum. It's so soothing, hydrating and helps ready your eye area wonderfully. The pump on this particular serum doesn't work well (maybe because the serum is quite thick). You have to pump more than once then you get too much product. I just open the bottle and retrieve what I need and forgo the pump on some days. The serum is excellent, especially for the price. Will definitely reorder!
Best eye cream on the global market
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Anna Leppert , 18/02/2019
It is best eye product I have ever used.
I love the way it makes the wrinkles disappear
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Annie T. , 12/02/2019
I add just a small amount around my eyes and mouth, love the way it makes the wrinkles disappear, it really works. The pump is hard and you have to push it down easy so as not to get too much.
Absorbs immediately
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Mike D. , 06/02/2019
This serum lasts you forever, great size and what a silky texture and it absorbs in a few seconds!!!! my eyes didn't look so good and young.
Best product I have ever purchased
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Gladys K. , 04/02/2019
This Eye serum from Premier Dead Sea is the best cosmetic product I have ever purchased. I just recently ran out of the product, so I am ordering some more online.
Perfect for my sensitive skin
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Carole Ball , 25/01/2019
I used to look old and tired due to wrinkles and eye bags around my skin. Despite my initial fears, I started applying this product and the results have been simply superb. It has gotten rid of all these wrinkles and crow’s legs without harming my super sensitive skin.
Moisturizes without a greasy feel
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Raynolds K. , 25/01/2019
I love this eye serum. It moisturizes the areas to which I apply it and does not leave a greasy feel. It helps fill in the fine lines at the corners and under my eyes. I hope this product will always remain available.
On my second bottle!
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Kellie F. , 25/01/2019
I am on my second bottle of this very nice and effective serum. Since using it, I have noticed the crepe on my eyelids has diminished, and the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes are less noticeable.
Immediate results
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Mary R. , 25/12/2018
I was stopped at the mall by this pretty lady with an accent. I thought I was on hidden camera lol the result is unreal! I didn't see it there and then... I got home and my kids went like "mom what append to your eye" the next day I went back and got it from that lady - who told me I was lucky since they were running a promotion on this brilliant serum with the eye cream. Amazing!
Well sized
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Ann S. , 17/12/2018
Rich and heavy. Huge amount that lasts forever. Use it daily and I feel a difference in my appearance. Very pleased with it. Will buy again.
Everyone should try this
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Juana Richards , 12/12/2018
This serum fights wrinkles, crow's feet and other premature signs of aging. I have been quite satisfied with the results and will recommend it to everyone.
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Pam Mac , 11/12/2018
I can't tell if I look any younger, because I'm not that old,(only 50 hahaha) but I use this twice a day, and it really seems to be diminishing fine lines, and also hydrating the crepe-like skin under my eyes, I'm going to go the distance and continue to keep it as part of my nightly regiment, I also use it on my upper lip, it hasn't happened yet, but I'm super paranoid about getting those old lady lines above my lips.
Can't live without it
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Kimberley F. , 05/12/2018
THE BEST EYE SERUM EVER!!! I have been using this product for approx. 6 months. In the past, I purchased products from a kiosk in a mall near me. It's a product I can't live without.
Laser surgery in a tube!
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Carol B. , 03/12/2018
I can't go a day without this product. It works miracles. I am very hard to convince to buy something that I don't know anything about. But, I am so happy that I took the time to try it. It's like having laser surgery with paying the cost.
One of the best in the market
  • RÉVISÉ PAR JP Helina , 02/12/2018
My wife loved this product so much I turned around and got her 2 more for Valentine's Day.
This is it
  • RÉVISÉ PAR Holly , 29/01/2017
This eye serum really gets the job done. Works wonders on the eye area.

highly recommended
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