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Mariah Carey Joins Premier as it Celebrates Silver (25th) Anniversary of Continued Global Success

The staple skincare brand, Premier, is not just popular in its country of origin, Israel, but it has become one of the most talked-about brands all across the world. Staying relevant in a highly competitive market for two and a half decades is no small feat, so our Silver Anniversary celebration is going to be lit! We are humbled by the fact that the legendary Mariah Carey, world-renowned celebrity will join us in raising our glasses high and saying “cheers” as we toast to 25 year of success.

Scientifically-tested and proven

The Dead Sea is not only the world’s saltiest lake, but it also one of the bodies of water that are packed with naturally-occurring oceanic minerals that are highly beneficial to the human skin. Of course we didn’t arrive at this conclusion by assumption, but it has taken our team of researchers many years of studies to prove this. The most advanced technology has been put into good use in testing the Dead Sea minerals and the natural ingredients extracted from nearby flora. This has helped Premier to formulate skincare products that contain 100% useful ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

Our secret formula has worked time and again

Efficacy and innovation are the two aspects that guarantee the accreditation and approval of Premier products at the world market level. Our products are not only renowned for being a fundamental source of beneficial nutrients, oxygen and energy, but they are also known for their effectiveness in aiding cellular rejuvenation and restoration. Premier’s integration of tested and proven minerals and ingredients and their unique healing properties into a revolutionary liposomecomplex has helped in maximizing the skincare products’ efficacy in a great way. Not only are Premier products’ active ingredients transferred to the skin directly, but they are also easily and swiftly absorbed.

Collaboration with the best brains in the industry

In conjunction with our R&D team, academia’s best brains and EC laboratories have continued to work hand-in-hand to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved and maintained. This is achieved through the utilization of the most cutting-edge machinery and technological advancements.

We respect Mother Nature

We understand that the battle against global warming needs to be won by all means possible, which is why we have taken measures to ensure that the environment isn’t harmed by our operations. In our efforts to conserve energy, we have chosen to use solar power generators and other distinctive components to run our manufacturing plant. We also use recyclable materials to package our products to ensure that they are environmental-friendly.

Our record speaks for itself

Premier’s numerous proprietary discoveries in antiaging have not gone unnoticed. Besides amassing dozens of international prizes, the company has also been awarded the world’s strictest quality standards. This has greatly catapulted the popularity of the company’s quality assurance division.

Premier Facts


The Premier Brand was established in 1993 by Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd.

Initial Capital

A private investment of 25,000,000 was used to start the company. Not a single dollar was outsourced.


Premier’s cutting-edge production facility sits on 5,000 square meters of land. This facility is fully automated, thus the manufacturing process is computerized and doesn’t require human intervention

Global Presence

Premier’s quality line of products is exported and marketed in a total of 72 countries around the world.



The Dead Sea is an ocean of medically accepted and scientifically validated benefits.

Number of Products

There are at least 400 different items under Premier’s product series. Each of these items has its own unique, scientifically-tested and proven benefits.

Number of Minerals Used

The company uses 21 different minerals in producing its line of products. 12 of these minerals are extracted from the Dead Sea.


According to the company’s internal balance sheets, every year Premier donates a total of 10% of its earnings to the less fortunate.

Number of Employees

There are a total of 300 people that have been employed to work in Premier’s factory and offices in Israel.

Prizes Won

Premier has won a total of 18 international prizes. This is in addition to various merit badges as well as commendations in different fields.