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Age Smart Kit - Normal To Oily Skin | Dead Sea Products | Dead Sea Premier | K41-K27-K25-K24

Age Smart Kit - Normal To Oily Skin

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SKU K41-K27-K25-K24
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Customize: Age Smart Kit - Normal To Oily Skin
Age Smart Age Defying Cream - All Skin Types   + $164.99
Age Smart Mud, Seaweed, And Honey Mask - Normal To Oily Skin   + $329.99
Age Smart Décolletage & Neck Age - Defying Collagen And Beta-Carotene Serum   + $299.99
Neck Age Defying Collagen And Beta Carotene Cream   + $314.99

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    A kit that is a real treat for the skin by assisting the skin to restore collagen for a total anti-aging effect. With age, the body reduces its collagen production, resulting in fine lines and sagging skin. This kit is suitable for normal to oily skin and contains active ingredients such as collagen and beta-carotene for the face and neck. The complexion looks firmer, tighter and younger.

    >Age Smart - Normal to oily skin The complete kit contains:

    • Age Smart Anti-Aging Cream - All skin types 35 ml / 1. 2 Fl.oz
    • Age Smart Mud, Seaweed, & Honey Mask - Normal to oily skin;

    70 ml / 2. 3 Fl.oz

    • Age Smart Décolletage & Neck Age - Serum with collagen and beta-carotene - 50 ml / 1.7 Fl. oz
    • Age Smart Décolletage & Crème Bêta Carotène 

    60 ml / 2.04 Fl.oz

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    Use With
    • 经典护颈霜:当您处理肤色周围的衰老迹象时,请确保将其他衰老迹象定位在思想较淡的地方。颈霜可以滋润并护理讨厌的皱纹,细纹和脖子上的下垂痕迹。

    • 经典奇迹黑面膜:所有人都在谈论的抗衰老面膜恰好是与抗衰老面霜搭配使用时效果最好的面膜。精油可滋润并平衡皮肤,而精致的死海矿物泥则可滋养皮肤并提亮肤色。

    • 经典胶原蛋白,β-胡萝卜素和 海藻面膜:皮肤每天需要一次护理,而日常护理也是如此。

    • 经典速溶拉伸面膜,使面膜柔软,滋润并定调肤色,像云朵一样蓬松。活肤面膜:在某些情况下,您需要一些额外的东西来使自己看起来年轻一些(也许是您的大学同学聚会?),这款面膜可以帮助提亮皮肤和使肤色清新。20分钟的护理使瞬间的效果令人震惊和惊奇。每个人都会想知道你的方法!
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