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Aromatic Body Butter - Herbal | Dead Sea Products | Dead Sea Premier | A83e

Aromatic Body Butter - Herbal

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A lavish and rich, Aromatic Body Butter is the heavenly solution that you never knew you needed. As you spread it onto your skin, this butter melts at body temperature and skin absorbs all of the essentials it has to offer. Skin is left unbelievably soft and the divine herbal scent from natural fragrances last all day.

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SKU A83e
Size 175 ml / 5.95 Fl.oz
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This supremely rich, sliky, aromatic Dead Sea Body Butter quickly absorbs into the skin to make it soft and silky smooth. The creamy all-over body butter is ideal for treating dry, cracked skin, as it melts at body temperature and absorbs easily and smoothly.

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  • Manufactured from the highest quality jojoba oil, shea butter and essential oils that moisturize and soften the skin.
  • The deionised water and minerals in the Dead Sea nourish your skin, alleviating many symptoms of skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.
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Apply in circular movements to clean skin for ultimate hydration.

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Use With
死海盐磨砂膏-去除角质,排毒的作用,使完美的帆布保持水合作用。在淋浴时,您可以使用死海去角质磨砂膏去除死皮,去除杂质,促进血液循环。每周使用一次,皮肤会变得更柔软,看起来更明亮。 死海矿物泥-从死海深处直接享受芳香水疗护理。精油可滋润和软化皮肤,而香气可提振精神。我们的死海黑泥经过精炼和提纯,直到剩下矿物质为止。洗澡前使用矿物质泥护理四肢,躯干和颈部的湿疹,皮肤疾病,干燥或暗沉。 橘皮组织独特的紧致控制霜-您可以通过按摩和这款活力的霜来护理不舒服和不需要的橘皮组织。橘皮组织独特的深层控制霜具有令人振奋的特性,可以刺激血液流动,疏松充血的脂肪细胞。
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