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Classic Biox Total Age Defying Serum

Classic Biox Total Age Defying Serum

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Size 50 ml / 1.7 Fl.oz
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The Biox anti-aging serum is a targeted skin-relaxing treatment for an intense anti - wrinkle effect. This complex, rich in Dead Sea minerals, offers a cosmetic solution to lessen the effects of time. It dramatically reduces wrinkles, prevents skin sagging, and adds tone and elasticity. It provides an immediate, optimized lifting for a perfect anti - aging effect. The skin is left firmer, more radiant, and younger looking.

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  • Rebuilds skin and regenerates new skin cell growth.
  • Properties of serum help to unlock the lifting and protective qualities of a moisturizer.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and unsightly sagging.
  • Skin feels firmer, younger, and supple.
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onto cleansed skin apply twice daily.

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BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Eye Cream Gel If you need help with sagging and wrinkling around the eye area, look no further. This eye cream gel not only rebuilds the delicate skin around the eye area, it lifts, firms, and smoothes, too! While the gel cream is gentle enough to use every day, it is intensive enough to forgo any invasive procedures. BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Cream Lock in skin`s natural glow with a hydrating, illuminating cream. The Age Intensive Cream hydrates, keeps skin tight, and improves skin`s tone to help create a brighter, younger-looking complexion.
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biox深度抗衰老眼霜凝胶 如果您需要在眼部周围下垂和皱纹的帮助,那就别无所求 。这款眼霜凝胶不仅可以重建眼部周围的娇嫩皮肤,还可以提升,紧实和抚平皮肤!虽然凝胶霜足够温和以至于可以每天使用,但它的强度足以消除任何侵入性程序。 biox紧致型抗衰老面霜使用保湿补水的乳霜 锁住皮肤的自然光泽。抗龄紧致霜滋润,保持皮肤紧致并改善肤色,有助于打造更明亮,更年轻的肤色。
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