Mariah Carey's 5 Beauty Tips That Keeps Her Red Carpet Ready

1. The lesser the amount of makeup, the better

Thanks to the use of colors like golds and browns in conjunction with a minimal coverage foundation, Mariah lets her natural beauty shine through. The R&B singer is known for her Hollywood glamour and natural makeup. The multi-platinum artist doesn't let her makeup artist approach her with a mascara wand. Her logic is simple, the less makeup you put on, the less you have to take off.

Two ingredients commonly used in makeup are mica and talc. Both ingredients help block pores and build up, creating a breeding ground for acne and other major skin problems and irritations.

Hint: Rather than using full makeup, use it only where necessary, such as on blemishes and pimples.


2. No Way when No carbs

Indeed, Mariah maintained her Hollywood figure for decades by giving up a high-carbohydrate diet. Instead, she eats lots of Norwegian salmon, which is high in protein and full of omega-3s, combined with salad, for healthy glowing skin.

Besides being good for the heart and linked to the destruction of cancer cells, fish rich in omega-3s, which contain carotenoid antioxidants, reduce the effects of aging by reducing the damage caused by free radicals.

Hint: Eat wild salmon three times a week for radiant skin.

3. Regular and simple exercise is the best way to keep your skin healthy and radiant

keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Carey strives to keep it simple with a healthy combination of Stairmaster, walking and swimming. She makes sure to incorporate an hour of exercise into her day, though some superstars practice yoga and Pilates.Exercising regularly leads to better results and reduces the risk of heart disease

4. DIY Eyebrows

They say that eyebrows are the basis of every beauty look. This skillful beauty queen Mariah takes perfection in hand by making her own eyebrows.

“At beauty school, many things were learned, like how to pluck our eyebrows. I do my own eyebrows," says Carey.

Hint: Use tweezers to remove hairs bit by bit to reduce the margin of error. No one wants to fix a moment Oops, take your time.


5. Treat Your Self

Stress is directly related to premature aging. Anticipating stress can accelerate cellular aging and damage cells. In addition, chronic stress can contribute to sleep deprivation, which can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Mariah is fully committed to relaxation with a house on her favourite tropical island, Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. Well, there's nothing more relaxing than a tropical getaway. Getting away from it all relieves stress and keeps wrinkles away.

Hint: If your 9-5 needs you Monday through Friday, try a quick weekend trip to a nearby destination.  


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