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Classic Intense Relief Aromatic Foot Cream | Dead Sea Products | Dead Sea Premier | A67e

Classic Intense Relief Aromatic Foot Cream

Aromatic, alleviating, and unique. Dead Sea minerals and essential oils heal dry skin and provide immediate relief while distinctive developments in this formula make the cream quick to treat cracked, aching feet.
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SKU A67e
Size 125ml / 4.25fl.oz
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This unique, non-greasy, aromatic foot cream is specially formulated with natural Dead Sea minerals and rich essential oils to help heal dry skin and form a protective glove against hurting elements. 

This foot cream provides immediate rescue and is made with organic, locally grown Jojoba oil, calming Aloe Vera and healing Ginkgo formulated to penetrate, moisturize and soothe the skin

Its a superior aromatic non greasy formula for soft feet with the penetrating moisture yet non-tacky to soothe and help repair feet and heels without unpleasant residue. the aromatic oils assist to deodorize and maintain healthy foot skin. 

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  • IMMEDIATE RESCUE CREAM made with rich organic, locally grown Jojoba oil, calming Aloe Vera and healing Ginkgo formulated to penetrate, moisturize, repair the skin.

  • SUPERIOR NON-GREASY FORMULA: for soft feet with penetrating moisture yet non-tacky to soothe feet and heels without unpleasant residue.

  • CARE FOR YOUR FEET: aromatic oils deodorize, clean and help to maintain healthy foot skin, thoughtfully designed to help offer the ultimate foot cream.
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Spread on feet and massage gently until fully absorbed.
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  • Dead Sea Minerals:  Over millions of years, the Dead Sea formed at the lowest point on earth, 1378 feet below sea level, in the middle of the African fault. It is known as a prime location for the skin care industry, due in part to its very high content of salt, minerals and natural elements. These unique minerals help to rejuvenate, heal and smooth the skin. Leading laboratories are taking advantage of this unique natural source and using it to produce skin care products of unparalleled perfection. Based on the composition of the Dead Sea, which contains high levels of magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium and potassium, and advanced scientific processes, Premier cosmetics are the best in their class.

  • Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil derived from the plant jojoba locally and organic grown in Israel. Its texture is very light, containing numerous antioxidants and nutrients that absorb the skin quickly. The oil is very similar to the sebum oil that we human produce that when applied to the skin, the body isn't able to tell the difference and accepts it significantly. It provides the skin with several benefits: 
    - Deeply hydrates 
    - Long-lasting moisture 
    - Non-allergenic 
    - Protects from environmental exposure 
    - Relives dry skin 
    - Contains vitamin E and B 
    - Helps to decrease fine lines 
    - Can help encourage collagen production

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Use With
  • Mild foaming cleansing foam: A gentle, light foam that cleanses and purifies the skin, helping to boost natural moisture. Before applying Peeling Masks Prestige Professional, cleanse your skin with this delicate cleanser suitable for all skin types.

  • Herbal Body Butter: Match this incredible treatment with its true counterpart to help keep skin soft and smooth. Body Butter will nourish your skin while preventing dryness and cracked skin. 

  • Dead Sea Aromatic Mud: Increase your weekly treatment to reduce muscle and joint pain with the extraordinary Dead Sea mud. Combined together, your body will feel relaxed and smooth. 

  • Cleansing facial cleanser with micro grains: Finish your treatment by also cleansing the face with this gentle, light creamy cleanser. Your face will feel refreshed, soft and smooth. 
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