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Hair Loss Preventive Care Shampoo B10e

Hair Loss Preventive Care Shampoo

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the revolutionary solution: Premier thin and problematic hair care shampoo is a formula consisting of Dead Sea minerals and Aragan Oil combined with a secret CRSFO mixture which acts in a fourfold function: First is the neutralization of the sodium found on the hair roots. Second is the activation of the oil gland. Third is the feeding of the hair root with oxygen, carotene and pigments. Fourth is the exploitation of the hygroscospic property of the hair root and the infusion of the elements of which the hair composes: carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur, into the cells of the matrix.
  • Prevents hair loss and promotes new hair growth.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Boosts an awakening of the hair follicles, making hair stronger and faster to grow.
Wet the hair, whip it up, wait for 1-2 minutes and rinse. Repeat the same action if necessary. it can be used daily. Shake thoroughly before Application.
" Extract of ginseng: It boosts blood circulation to the root, tones the hair follicle and balances the scalp. Ginseng aims at all hair growth factors. As a result, hair grows healthier and stronger. Extract of ginger: Ginger boosts the blood flow to the scalp and awakens the hair follicles. Eventually, hair grows faster and stronger. Extract of lavender: hair loss due to stress is generally more difficult to treat, but lavender oil can calm the senses and soothe aggravated scalps. Combined with shampoos, it gives a feeling of peace and tranquility".
Use With
" Men's Nourishing Cream - To prevent the signs of male pattern baldness, pay attention to other signs of aging of your complexion. To prevent the signs of male pattern baldness, watch out for other signs of aging of your complexion. This nourishing cream contains carrot oil, chamomile extract and jojoba oil to remove dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-aging essential oils prevent ingrown hairs from dulling your appearance and allow you to look smooth no matter what you do. Men's Facial Cleanser - Wake up every morning with this energizing cleanser designed specifically for men's complexion. This cleanser eliminates excess oil, dirt and impurities that can pull your skin down and dull your complexion. Lather and rinse every morning to keep your skin fresh and new".

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