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Can I put on make-up after moisturizer?

Yes. First cleanse, then tone, moisturize and then apply make-up. You should always apply a Premier Dead Sea moisturizer before make-up as the moisturizer will act as a perfect base and barrier, preventing the make-up from blocking your pores

Did Cleopatra really bathe in the Dead Sea?

Not only did Cleopatra bathe at the Dead Sea but it is said that she went to great lengths and spared no expense to secure exclusive rights over the Dead Sea region. Some even speculate that because the Romans commanded the Dead Sea region, Marc Antony was a means to an end for Cleopatra’s indefatigable desire for eternal beauty. To borrow the line from a famous shaving company mogul, Cleopatra liked the Dead Sea so much she bought the company! Well, the ancient equivalent anyway – at Cleopatra’s command, pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories were built in the region to capture the beauty benefits of the therapeutic Dead Sea minerals and mud – read a Dead Sea Mud Mask review to understand why Cleopatra was such a huge fan. The remains of these buildings can still be seen today at Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi.


What is the difference between the Active Moisture Complex and the Protecting Day Cream Complex?

The Active Moisture Cream Complex revitalizes the skin cells and stimulates cellular metabolism, infusing your skin with nutrients, moisturizing from within and acting decisively against wrinkles. The Protecting Day Cream Complex is PremierÕs deepest moisturizing treatment which also protects your skin against the harsh effects of the elements, improving your skinÕs resistance to sun, cold, wind and the effects of sudden changes in temperature.Both of these products contain UVA & UVB Sun Filter Protection (SPF 17) and are available for Normal-Dry and Normal-Oily skin.After cleansing of the skin, first apply the serum in soft circular motions until absorbed,and then apply the cream. The serum will assist the cream in absorbing better into the skin


What is the advantage of separating the active ingredient mineral bars from the cream in the Precise range of Premier products?

Extra protection against oxidation. When the active ingredients in skincare products come into contact with the air, oxidation occurs where the oxygen from the air attacks the ingredients reducing their effectiveness. Similarly, the water in creams contains oxygen which also oxidize the active ingredients, depleting their effectiveness. Premier has developed and patented a way to separate the active ingredients from the cream and protect it from the air in a secret purification process, freezing these active ingredients at room temperature. (Just like glass is solid at room temperature but liquid when heated up. This keeps Premier products highly effective, naturally, for longer.


Why/how would I use a serum as well as a moisturizer?

Premier serums are a highly active, concentrated form of skin care treatment. Used in conjunction with moisturizing creams, they enhance the effects by absorbing directly into your skin cells and, in addition to the highly active effects, they prepare your skin to take in the moisturizing cream. The serum acts as a Director, if you will, extracting from the moisturizer the best possible outcomes for your skin. When using both, apply the serum first followed by the moisturizer.


Why does the Dead Sea have such a unique healing ability, more than other seas or oceans?

Compared to the 3% salt content of ordinary sea water, the Dead Sea water contains 32% salts with relatively high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium. read here about Dead Sea minerals benefits.
Exposure to Dead Sea water is uniquely acclaimed for nourishing the skin, easing rheumatic discomfort, activating the circulatory system, and relaxing the nerves. This is endorsed by European Health Funds who send their members to be treated by the Dead Sea for chronic skin and rheumatic conditions. Floating effortlessly permits free, relaxed and easier movement in the water thus enhancing the effects of physiotherapy.


Where can I read customer reviews about Premier Dead Sea?

We constantly receive customer reviews about our products and shopping experience. You can read them on our site, on independent review site and also here.