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24K Gold Anti-Aging Facial Peeling Mask & Anti-Aging Moisture Cream

24K Gold Anti-Aging Facial Peeling Mask & Anti-Aging Moisture Cream

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Size 2x 40 ml / 1.36 Fl.oz
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24k Gold Anti-Aging Facial Peeling Mask
A soft, gentle facial peel, enriched with active ingredients to effectively assist in tightening your pores, removing dead skin cells and absorbing excess oil. Enriched with active ingredients to help renew the appearance of the skin's surface and brighten your complexion. Do not use on irritated or damaged skin.

Anti-Aging Moisture Cream
A multi task, gentle moisturizing cream specially formulated to treat the skin for a youthful appearance. Helps to condition and rebalance the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft.

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  • Peeling action removes dead cells, excess sebum and impurities, revealing a younger-looking complexion.
  • Clarifying elements purify and astringent the skin, shrink the pores and refresh the complexion.
  • The ions present in 24k pure gold help stimulate cells while softening and enriching the skin.
  • Allows the skin to have a beautiful glow.
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Anti-Aging Facial Peeling Mask
Gently massage a small quantity in soft circular motions onto dry skin. Wait 1 to 2 minutes and continue to massage until the peeling effect occurs. Avoid applying to the eye contour area. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Anti-Aging Moisture Cream
Apply onto clean skin and massage gently in soft circular motions until absorbed.

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纯24k金:金中存在的离子可帮助刺激细胞,抗氧化和抗菌特性可帮助保护皮肤。令肌肤散发出美丽的魔幻光芒。 金缕梅:在整个历史上一直被药用。金缕梅提取物已知具有收敛,防腐和抗炎的特性。 芦荟:被认为是皮肤的天然疗法。植物的抗炎特性也可以舒缓皮肤。令肌肤倍感柔软清爽,不被刺激。 洋甘菊提取物:洋甘菊不仅可以解决发红,而且可以缓解困扰的迹象。洋甘菊非常适合红色,受刺激的皮肤,也适合您的身心。 水杨酸:一种常见的护肤成分,水杨酸可迅速有效地去除死皮细胞和多余的皮脂。在去角质面膜中,该成分可通过深层清洁皮肤并清除所有杂质来防止破裂和斑点。
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抗衰老黑色奇迹24k黄金面膜 这款独特的防 过敏面膜是一项专利技术,可带来无与伦比的效果。独特的新一代皮肤护理具有超现代的质感,并含有强大的抗氧化剂,可使您的皮肤比以往任何时候都显得年轻。 抗衰老24k黄金护理面膜 奢华护理有助于显出迷人而美丽的肤色,并散发出迷人色泽。
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