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Central Stage - Eyebrow Brush | Dead Sea Products | Dead Sea Premier | R32

Central Stage - Eyebrow Brush

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A flat sloping brush to precisely sweep the eyebrow colour and imitate natural hairs for a soft, natural-looking finish.  

Made with synthetic bristles that have a super-fine edge for expert precision.  Engineered to bring ease and luxury to the process of creating your look, it renders the application of expert makeup completely effortless.


This brush has been specially developed and tested to work with the Center Stage makeup collection and is ideal for pressed and loose powder. It is made with cruelty-free synthetic bristles for essential hygiene, easy care and customizable full transparent coverage.

brush care: 
  • Cleaning your brushes can extend the life of the bristles and allow for better application and blending of makeup
  • Weekly washing in a mild cleanser, mild soap or shampoo.
  • Clean in the palm of your hand, rinse and lay flat on a towel to dry.

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  • Use this brush to model and define eyebrows with powder, cream, gel or wax. Then fill in the lashes using short strokes.
  • Gently brush the eyebrows to even out the colour.

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