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Dead Sea Premier cosmetics: Premier & Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Joined Premier as it celebrated its Silver Anniversary of Continued Global Success

The staple skincare brand, Premier Dead Sea, is not just popular in its country of origin, Israel, but it has become one of the most talked-about brands all across the world. Staying relevant in a highly competitive market for over two and a half decades is no small feat. We are humbled by the fact that the legendary Mariah Carey, world-renowned celebrity has joined us in raising our glasses high and saying “cheers” as we toasted our two and a half decades of success.

Scientifically-tested and proven

The Dead Sea is not only the world’s saltiest lake

but it also one of the bodies of water that are packed with naturally-occurring oceanic minerals that are highly beneficial to the human skin. Of course we didn’t arrive at this conclusion by assumption, but it has taken our team of researchers many years of studies to prove this. The most advanced technology has been put into good use in testing the Dead Sea minerals and the natural ingredients extracted from nearby flora. This has helped Premier to formulate skincare products that contain 100% useful ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

Our secret formula has worked time and again

Efficacy and innovation are the two aspects that guarantee the accreditation and approval of Premier products at the world market level. Our products are not only renowned for being a fundamental source of beneficial nutrients, oxygen and energy, but they are also known for their effectiveness in aiding cellular rejuvenation and restoration.

Collaboration with the best brains in the industry

In conjunction with our R&D team, academia’s best brains and EC laboratories have continued to work hand-in-hand to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved and maintained

This is achieved through the utilization of the most cutting-edge machinery and technological advancements.

We respect Mother Nature

We understand that the battle against global warming needs to be won by all means possible, which is why we have taken measures to ensure that the environment isn’t harmed by our operations. In our efforts to conserve energy, we have chosen to use solar power generators and other distinctive components to run our manufacturing plant. We also use recyclable materials to package our products to ensure that they are environmental-friendly.

Our record speaks for itself

Premier’s numerous proprietary discoveries in antiaging have not gone unnoticed. Besides amassing dozens of international prizes, the company has also been awarded the world’s strictest quality standards. This has greatly catapulted the popularity of the company’s quality assurance division.

The numbers have it

Dead Sea Premier Facts:


The Premier Brand was established in 1993 by Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd.

Initial Capital

A private investment of over USD25,000,000 was used to start the company some 30 years ago.

Not a single dollar was outsourced.

Global Presence

Premier’s quality line of products is exported and marketed in a total of 72 countries around the world.


The Dead Sea is an ocean of medically accepted and scientifically validated benefits, located under 400 meters below sea level.

Number of Products

There are at least 400 different items under Premier’s product series

Each of these items has its own unique, scientifically-tested and proven benefits.

Number of Minerals Used

Premier uses 21 different minerals in producing its line of products. 12 of these minerals are extracted from the Dead Sea.


According to the company’s internal balance sheets, every year Premier donates a total of 10% of its earnings to the less fortunate.

Number of Employees

There are a over 350 people that have been employed to work in Premier’s factory and offices in Israel.

Prizes Won

Premier has won a total of 19 international prizes.

This is in addition to various merit badges as well as commendations in different fields.

Premier marked its “silver” anniversary of international success, embracing Mariah Carey as the brands ambassador

Premier, the exceptional skincare brand, with a stellar world-wide reputation for maintaining dermal health, proudly celebrated its anniversary of scientifically studying and producing the highest quality of the Dead Sea minerals. Mariah Carey, world-renowned singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress to commemorate this symbolic milestone.

Get Glowing Skin like Mariah Carey

Pop star Mariah Carey has signed on to becoming the presenter of Premier Dead Sea

The singer, records producer, actor, and songwriter has publicly shown her love for the internationally acclaimed, leading skincare and cosmetics brand, Premier Dead Sea. Israeli based Premier has perfected the balance between nature and technology to create a fantastic award winning line of skin care products.

Mariah Carey, with her wealth of knowledge in cosmetics and skin care, has put her faith in Premier Dead Sea

You can also get beautiful, glowing skin like Mariah Carey. Premier’s quality speaks for itself through the diverse range of products; and through the reviews as seen on this site. You can benefit from the superior quality products. With products for all skin types and ages, Premier has been able to enrich the lives of countless through the skin care range.

Whether it’s moisturizing, toning, age reversal, or nourishment for skin, Premier has something for everyone. You can find out more about their products here. Different skin types have different needs. Oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin types should use specialized products that work best for their skin type.

Let us look at a few Premier Dead Sea products according to skin type.

Dead Sea Premier skin care for Oily Skin:

Pollution, stress, travel, and less time have greatly impacted our lifestyle. All these together cause numerous skin issues to break out on the skin. Majority men and women complain that as they get involved with their work lives, their skin gets oilier and oilier throughout the day.

Premier Dead Sea Mud Seaweed and Honey Mask is the solution to this problem. With active ingredients that boost the energy and oxygen in skin, this mask increases firmness and elasticity of skin thereby reducing oiliness. It also helps in protecting your skin against new wrinkles and age lines. To use, apply a thick layer of the Premier Dead Sea Mud Seaweed and Honey Mask on to cleaned skin and wait for 10 – 15 minutes. Use this Dead Sea mask three times a week for optimum results.


Premier mask for problematic skin- for acne prone or damaged skin is a Cosmopolitan “best of the best” awarded mask. The mask’s components penetrate to the heart of the skin cells assisting to activate internal defense mechanisms, regulate problems, boost the skin’s normal function, improve imperfections, and thereby promote a more beautiful appearance. To use, apply a thick layer of the Premier Mask on to cleaned skin and wait for 10 – 15 minutes, can also be used as a sleeping mask for the entire night. Use this Dead Sea mask two to three times a week for optimum results.


Premier Skin toner – normal to oily skin, is an alcoholic skin purifier and cleanser that helps to maintain the skins natural balance with astringent action that cleanses, firms pores and stimulates the skin. To use, saturate a cotton wool pad and sweep across a cleansed face and neck.

Dead Sea Premier skin care for Dry Skin:

Many people develop dry skin problems due to unnatural changes in the weather. Fluctuating temperatures, excessive stress, and hormonal changes affect skin and turn it dry. Dry skin can further become itchy, cause rashes, and can also become flaky. If you have any of these facial skin concerns, you must turn to Premier Dead Sea. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this brand, you can read reviews on Premier Dead Sea Europe site to ease your mind.

The Premier Dead Sea Moisture Cream for very dry and sensitive skin is the solution for all facial dry skin problems. This cream controls excess oil secretion while moisturizing and hydrating the skin to maintain a perfect balance on your facial skin. The Premier Dead Sea Moisture Cream also improves skin texture and boosts oxygen throughout your skin. This cream will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated for a long time.

The Premier Prestige day cream complex – normal to dry skin,  is multi protective, hypoallergenic, sensitive skin tested, dermatologically tested day cream, which contains in addition to the cream a blue mineral bar found in the cap which assists in preserving the skin’s natural moisture and helps in improving the skin’s resistance to the elements and effects of sudden changes in temperature. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. Contains a sun filter of SPF17.


The Premier Prestige concentrated facial serum with vitamins C & E is a silky, newly developed intensive skincare, which provides an invisible veil of support for the skin, assisting in the elimination of the appearance of wrinkles and dryness. A soothing massage with this serum provides a noticeable lift and improved skin appearance. Over time, a visibly healthier, smoother, unified and more luminous look is revealed. To use, massage onto cleansed skin with upward strokes.

Dead Sea Premier skin care for Combination Skin:

People with combination skin are blessed. Well-balanced skin like combination skin requires very little care. Those with combination skin can afford to indulge in fun homemade skincare recipes, which can be found on this website. Although minimal care is required a little bit of tender love to your skin daily can work wonders in maintaining healthy, fresh looking skin all day long. Premier has many products for combinations skin that are hassle-free, alcohol-free, and easy to use.


People with combination skin type should use the Premier Dead Sea Skin Toner for a little extra care. This toner removes excess oils, balances skin, and the inherent witch hazel astringes open pores to give you a smooth, flawless finish. The skin toner also works as a mild makeup remover and lifts off residue and excess makeup. Use this toner after your cleansing routine daily to get fresh, rejuvenated, smooth skin.


The Premier Age smart age defying cream, is a hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested cream was awarded the HBA award (Health & Beauty America). This professional cream helps in combating the signs of ageing and is suitable for all skin types. Specific active ingredients blended in a secret process are absorbed into the skin and form an active substance, a reservoir of natural substances which assists in replenishing the appearance of the skin. With use wrinkles and fine lines become less visible. To use, apply twice daily onto cleansed skin.


The Premier Supreme face lift cream, is a luxurious, mineral rich, multi-firming rejuvenating and lifting cream which works wonders on the appearance of the skin. Designed to effectively combat the appearance of deep wrinkles and assist in improving the skin’s firmness and radiance, for beautiful looking skin. To use, simply apply twice daily onto cleansed skin.

Pop Diva Mariah Carey Reveals the Secret of Her Eternal Glow

It’s Not What You Expected. Yes, Mariah Carey sometimes bathes in milk, but the secret of her glowing beauty seems to lie in Dead Sea minerals.

When it comes to timeless pop icons and digging into their personal luggage, Mariah Carey definitely has one big suitcase. Adorable curls, pearly white teeth, and a perfect tan describe every appearance of Mariah Carey. Still, she hasn’t always been a favorite of the tabloids. Even if all the credit goes to her remarkable, powerful voice, Mariah has often come across a sea of criticism. The famous singer was also bullied due to weight issues.

Yes, her appearance has always been a popular topic people gossip about, no matter if it’s about her questionable fashion choices or something only a diva can afford, such as bathing in milk. It seems like she went through a lot of different phases but managed to keep a youthful look and nourished beauty. Add the divine voice of Mariah Carey to all of that and it becomes clear why she remained a popular topic among the public during all these years.

Those interested in Mariah will be happy to hear that our sources have discovered some of her secrets lately, such as the cause of her magically smooth and silky skin. Many speculated the singer has undergone surgery. However, if we are to believe those close to her, that is quite untrue. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that she became the ambassador of a prestigious Israeli cosmetics company called Premier. Did Mariah really fell in love with the Dead Sea, or she just took her role too seriously?

A couple of years ago, together with her twins, the pop diva visited Tel Aviv, where she promoted a new line of the famous company that celebrated its 25th birthday. The singer has repeatedly expressed her satisfaction with this cooperation and complete confidence she had in Premier Cosmetics Company.

Although very modest in revealing her habits to the public, Mariah was particularly honest about answering one question – Which product would you single out? The star admitted that there were two products that she liked best. One is a face cream for a youthful look named Biox Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Serum, and the other is the Prestige Moisture Complex – a cream with Dead Sea minerals for perfectly balanced skin.


The truth is that Mimi is at the threshold of 49. That’s just another reason for her stunning smile that defies new rumors every time they arise. The year of 2019 did not begin quietly for the star — the popular singer is leading a legal battle against her former manager and facing the public with her bipolar disorder for the first time after many years.

Despite the troubles, her new tour is set at full speed. First impressions are more than positive, and it’s a fact that Mariah is looking younger than ever. She gladly shows her glow to her Instagram followers, posting very natural photos, like those in a sexy diving suit from her previous vacation.

And once again, our determined associate and Mariah’s faithful fan managed to sneak into the VIP area and meet the beloved diva. Yup, she’s a goddess, a singer, a mother, and a business woman! Even during an exhausting tour, she is still active as a Premier ambassador.

Also, her beauty rituals remain unchanged. We scanned the area closely and the bottles of Biox Ultra and Prestige Complex were actually there. It seems that Mimi rarely parts with her luxurious cosmetic case. And why would she, if it is the reason she looks like a million dollars?

Behind the scenes with Mariah Carey