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Premier Advanced 3D Masca Negra

Premier Advanced 3D Masca Negra

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Enhanced with cutting 3D scientific techniques, this mask fits perfectly to the face to assist in detoxifying, lifting, nourishing and boosting skin appearance. This unique unprecedented mask is made from activated charcoal that draws out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin, helping to achieve an ageless and flawless looking complexion. Skin immediately appears smooth, revitalized and glows with youthful radiance.

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Size 12 masks
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Jam-packed full of nutrients and 100 percent mild plant fibers, the Premier Advanced 3D Masca Negra helps detoxify, nourish, lift and boost the skin using the latest 3D technology. This mask is made with a high quality activated charcoal that purges bacteria, chemicals, poisons, dirt and other toxins from the skin to promote a younger looking, glowing face. Your complexion will look younger and more radiant, helping you to give your skin a much-needed boost whenever you need it. You'll notice the results on your skin almost immediately! 

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Use this fully biodegradable mask just once a week on clean skin. Open the pack, apply it to your face and let it do its magic. It's as simple as that! You can even massage the mask with your hands for an extra boost ofgoodness. The ingredients blend in really easily, too, unlike some other products. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then remove with warm water.

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水/去离子水/ EAU,丙二醇,羟乙基纤维素,卡波姆980,黄原胶,透明质酸钠,香睡莲根提取物,乙酸,乙酰胆碱提取物,甘草酸二钾,死海盐,氯霉素,香料/香水。

死海产品成分列表会定期更新。在使用Premier Dead Sea产品之前,请阅读产品包装上的成分表,以确保成分适合您个人使用。

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